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Actin is a globular multi-functional protein that forms microfilaments. It is found in essentially all eukaryotic cells where it may be present at concentrations of over ...

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Actin is the most abundant protein in most eukaryotic cells. It is highly conserved and participates in more protein-protein interactions than any known protein.

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The major cytoskeletal protein of most cells is actin, which polymerizes to form actin filaments—thin, flexible fibers approximately 7 nm in diameter and up to ...

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Actin filaments, usually in association with myosin, are responsible for many types of cell movements. Myosin is the prototype of a molecular motor—a protein  ...

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The cytoskeleton provides structure and shape to cells. In this lesson, learn about actin filaments, a kind of cytoskeletal filament that is...

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Actin is a protein that allows cells to move and function. Without the tiny actin filaments, a cell would be unable to...

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a muscle protein localized in the I band of myofibrils; acting along with myosin particles, it is responsible for the contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers.

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Dynamic networks of protein filaments give shape to cells and power cell movement. Learn how microtubules, actin filaments, and intermediate filaments ...

Actin Filaments


Actin monomer, depicted above left in two display modes, has subdomains designated 1-4. A simplified cartoon is above right. ATP binds, along with Mg<sup>++</sup>,  ...

Actin Structure and Function: What We Still Do Not Understand


Dec 14, 2007 ... Actin is interesting. We state this not just because actin is so plentiful that it is the single most abundant protein in many eukaryotic cells. Actin is ...

a globulin that is present in muscle plasma and that in connection with myosin plays an important role in muscle contraction.
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