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In his 2008 What is America?: A Short History of the New World Order (ISBN 9781921351501) Ronald Wright continues the thread begun in A Short History of  ...

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Nov 24, 2010 ... The truth of the matter is that growing up in the United States is no guarantee of sharing values with America. A few examples might be ...

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Jul 3, 2016 ... Arthur J. Magida writes that Frank Sinatra likely got it most right in his description of what is our America.

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Home, USA is not America, America is a continent. Why United States is called America? - America vs Americas.

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Jun 19, 2013 ... In Latin America, "American" means anyone from the American continent. U.S. citizens claiming the word are considered gauche or imperialist.

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On that day in 1930 Giustino DiCamillo, my grandfather, arrived here with my grandma, aunts and an uncle to start their lives as Americans. My mom was born  ...

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Following his international bestseller, A Short History of Progress, Ronald Wright provokes once again, as he explores the oldest American myth: the endless ...

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I heard a song outlining the origin story of an American Founding Father transmuted into a tale of a vengeful, murderous barber, then witnessed the same song ...

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Michel-Guillaume de Crèvecoeur was a French settler in the American colonies in the 1770s. Coming from France he could not believe the incredible diversity in  ...

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Feb 11, 2014 ... “And that's what America is all about,” he declared. “We have always been about research, innovation, and then commercializing that research ...

United States
Capital: Washington, DC
Population: 321,605,012
Conventional Name: United States of America
Chief of State: President Barack Obama
Head of State: President Barack Obama
National Anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner
Lyrics/Music: Francis Scott Key/John Stafford Smith
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Paul Simon had such yearning in his voice when he sang, ‘I've gone to look for America,' and anyone even vaguely familiar with this nostalgia-loving, future-obsessed, multiple-personality ... More »