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Feb 26, 2016 ... Maybe it's not too mind-blowing that America's favorite pizza topping is pepperoni . It topped the list of favorites with anchovies, by contrast, ...


Feb 27, 2016 ... Pop quiz: What's your favorite pizza topping? If you said, “I don't know, all of them ?” you are correct, and our favorite kind of person. But alas ...


Feb 29, 2016 ... Pizza may just be the most American food there is: After all, every day, 13 percent of Americans are chowing down on a slice or a pie. But what ...


Feb 23, 2016 ... Pepperoni is tops on Americans' list of favorite pizza toppings. Anchovies, on the other hand, rank first on the list of least favorite toppings.


Agree? Disagree? Place your vote on the top 10 list of Favorite Pizza Toppings. ... The dream food for Americans is literally cheese on bread. I, for one, put all ...


Mar 1, 2016 ... According to a new poll, here are America's favorite AND least favorite pizza toppings! Which list did your favorite pizza toppings make?!


Nov 12, 2013 ... The top 10 most-ordered pizza toppings aren't exactly what we might've ... States and Canada, Foodler says the top 10 pizza toppings are as follows: ... Why Is Quicken Loans Urging Americans To Switch To A 15-Year Fixed?


Feb 26, 2016 ... Americans have voted on their favorite and least favorite pizza toppings, as well as best places to buy pizza, favorite booze to wash it down with ...


Nov 1, 2013 ... An illustration of the most popular pizza topping in every state. ... pepperoni is the unwavering favorite of Americans, regardless of state.


Americans were polled on their favorite pizza topping. Mushrooms were rated by some 14 percent of Americans as a favorite pizza topping in 2013.