Did you mean: What Is An Activity Which Is Adequately Conceived Through Man's Essence Only?
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Spinoza - Ethics 4, Propositions 53-62


Humility is pain arising from a man's contemplation of his own infirmities (Def. of ..... activities as are adequately conceived through man's essence only (E3D2).

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In God there is necessarily the idea not only of his essence, but also of all things ... exist nor be conceived; lastly, that all things are predetermined by God, not through his .... The being of substance does not appertain to the essence of man — in other ..... The activities of the mind arise solely from adequate ideas; the passive...

Descartes: Human Nature - Philosophy Pages


Considered formally, as the content of my thinking activity, the ideas involved in the ... Descartes held that there are only three possibilities: all of our ideas are either ... With this reservation in mind, we'll continue through the Meditations, seeing how ... According to Descartes, the essence of material substance is simply ...

Marx's Concept of Man. Erich Fromm 1961


It is the essence of man -- in contrast to the various forms of his historical .... through which man suffers and does not have an adequate idea of reality, and into ... For Spinoza, Goethe, Hegel, as well as for Marx, man is alive only inasmuch as he is ... in the way in which the direct and natural species relationship is conceived.

Thinking Being Human: Notes on Heidegger's “Letter on Humanism ...


Nov 18, 2010 ... Consequently, the human being is conceived as only an acting agent. By action or activity one simply means the power to cause an ... He does so by establishing a higher, non-instrumental sense of thinking that would be adequate to a ... a genuine philosophical humanism is to return to the essence of man ...

The Ethics PART III: On The Origin and Nature of The Emotions


I. By an 'adequate' cause, I mean a cause through which its effect can be clearly and .... The mind endeavours to conceive only such things as assert its power of activity. LV. ... I. "Desire" is the actual essence of man, in so far as it is conceived,  ...

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Humans find happiness only through a rational understanding of this system ... Inadequate Ideas; Adequate Ideas; Three Kinds of Knowledge ... Spinoza set to work on his Short Treatise on God, Man, and His Well-Being. .... ID4: By attribute I understand what the intellect perceives of a substance, as constituting its essence.

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So chair and tree are both meanings all raw materials were just transformed .... What is an activity which is adequately conceived through man's essence only?

Berger, "Religion and World-Construction"


It is through internalization that man is a product of society (3). ... Man, as we know him empirically, cannot be conceived of apart from the continuous outpouring of himself into ... Human being is externalizing in its essence and from the beginning (4). .... And only in society can the products of those activities persist over time.

Spinoza and the Problem of Freedom | IWM


[1] And yet, despite its centrality, Spinoza's account of freedom and activity is still rather ... not only because he rejects traditional ways of conceiving of the problem of freedom, .... Indeed they seem to conceive man in Nature as a dominion within a .... For instance, particular passions when adequately understood (through the...

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Baruch Spinoza (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Jun 29, 2001 ... There is only one substance in the universe; it is God; and everything ... Proposition 10: Each attribute of a substance must be conceived through itself. ... can have only deleterious effects on human freedom and activity, insofar as it .... Any adequate analysis of Spinoza's identification of God and Nature will ...

The Ethics: Part II. On the Nature and Origin of the Mind


By an adequate idea, I mean an idea which, in so far as it is considered in itself, ... I. The essence of man does not involve necessary existence, that is, it may, in the order ... In God there is necessarily the idea not only of his essence, but also of all ... Each attribute is conceived through itself, without any other (Part i., Pr...

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Spinoza's Ethics[1] is based on a theory of man or, more precisely, on an ontology of man. ... solely through his own nature and of which he is the adequate cause (E4p4).[2] ... So the essence of our existence was conceived as an unreachable and ... I shall [therefore] consider human actions and appetites just as if it were an ...