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An informal hearing regarding a dispute. The dispute is judged by a group of people (generally three) who have been selected by an impartial panel. Once a decision has been reached, there is no further appeal process.... More »


Arbitration, a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is a technique for the resolution of disputes outside the courts. The parties to a dispute refer it to ...


Arbitration is one of various methods that together are referred to as alternative dispute resolution or ADR.


At its core, arbitration is a form of dispute resolution. Arbitration is the private, judicial determination of a dispute, by an independent third party.


Arbitration is a fast way to get a decision when you are in a dispute. Arbitration is more flexible and less formal than court. Usually, an arbitration can be ...


The Center makes available a Guide to WIPO Arbitration, which may be ordered or downloaded (PDF). Arbitration is a procedure in which a dispute is submitted,  ...


In the arbitration process one or more arbitrators hear evidence from the parties to a dispute and then issue an 'award' that declares who gets what. In some ...


Oct 22, 2016 ... Describes arbitration as compared to litigation and mediation, and how the arbitration process works, including steps in the process.


Definition of arbitration: Settlement of a dispute (whether of fact, law, or procedure ) between parties to a contract by a neutral third party (the arbitrator) without ...


Arbitration is a non-judicial process for the settlement of disputes where an independent third party - an arbitrator - makes a decision that is binding. The role of ...