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Great Geek Debates: The Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter | WIRED


Sep 4, 2009 ... Some questions have such clear answers that you know your answer the moment you hear or read it. These are of the “Who was the better ...

Is 'Harry Potter' better than 'The Lord of the Rings'? | Debate.org


Express your views on whether "Harry Potter" is better than "The Lord of the Rings". Learn what your community thinks about these movies.

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Sep 5, 2013 ... I loved both series, but Sauron is the better Dark Lord. But, when it comes .... One does not simply compare Lord of the Rings with Harry Potter..

Why I Like "Harry Potter" Better than "Lord of the Rings" - Greta ...


Jun 25, 2006 ... I'm not arguing that "Harry Potter" is actually -- in some objective sense -- better than "Lord of the Rings." (If it even makes sense to say "in some ...

The Fellowship of the Ring - Lord of the rings vs Harry Potter ...


Harry Potter is much better! the story is so much bigger than the Fantasy story Lord of the ..... I liked Harry Potter but it is NO WAY better than Lord of the Rings.

Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings


Apr 17, 2009 ... Description. Harry Potter vs Lord of the Rings ... Who is a batter hero- Frodo or Harry? .... Also the film of Lotr is better than HP but not that much.

Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter - Off-Topic - Comic Vine


Better books -Lord of the Rings. Better writing. It's on a world of its own. Just pure epic. Harry Potter for me was the more "exciting" of the two but Lord of the ...

Fantasy face-off: Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter |


Jan 25, 2016 ... Fantasy face-off: Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter ... As a result, while each film is better than the last, it is only because more stuff happens in ...

9 Reasons Why Harry Potter Wipes The Floor With The Lord Of The ...


Feb 20, 2013 ... Which is better, Harry Potter or The Lord Of Rings? ... The Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter and I am a devoted follower of both franchises.

Does Lord of the Rings beat Harry Potter? | Daily Mail Online


Matthew Barlett, 23, said: "Lord Of The Rings is more adult. It's the most magical film I have seen at the cinema in a long time and far better than Harry Potter for ...

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Which franchise is better Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings? - Quora


The answer is obviously Lord of the Rings-. Consistency. The LotR universe is consistent right from the start to the end. Tolkien creates a universe with set rules  ...

Reasons Lord of the Rings is Better Than Harry Potter - TheTopTens®


I like both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, but Lord of the Rings is much better . This is my personal opinion, so please don't take it too seriously. Any other ...

Lord of the Rings Vs. Harry Potter | Who Would Win A Fight


3 lord of the rings movies won 17 oscars...8 Harry potter films have yet to win any. ... i like ... And if you say lotr is 1000 times better than hp, its called opinions!