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The at sign, @, normally read aloud as "at", also commonly called the at symbol or commercial at, is originally an accounting and commercial invoice ...

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Sep 29, 2008 ... These are the signs: * What is it called in general, and what it is called when used in math, to multiply numbers? ; What is it called in English?

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Mar 25, 2015 ... In Romanian @ is called "arond" , which means "round a", that is letter "a" that ... What you called an 'option button' is also just called a button or ...

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This is called a ___. Answer, tilde. ` This is called ... This symbol is called an ___ and means ___. Answer, ampersand - and ... These two marks are called ___.

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symbol is called, a full stop, a period. The “ ! “ symbol is called, an exclamation mark, an exclamation point. The “ ( ) “ symbols are called, brackets, parentheses.

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Officially, this symbol is called commercial at. Unofficially, most people seem to refer to it as the at sign or just at. Recently, there has also been a movement to ...

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Jun 25, 2012 ... The # symbol is commonly called the pound sign, number sign and more recently the hashtag. It is called the pound sign because the symbol ...

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Definition of called up share capital: The value of the issued shares that have remained fully or partially unpaid, and whose holders have now been called upon ...

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In Swedish, it is called snabel-a , ("a" with an elephant's trunk), or kanelbulle , the Swedish equivalent of the Chelsea bun. In German it is called Klammerraffe ...

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two dots over the word, and what it is called when a word is “within” ? % ? : ? ' what it that dot called? I also have some questions about different signs in ...

to cry out in a loud voice; shout: He called her name to see if she was home.
to command or request to come; summon: to call a dog; to call a cab; to call a witness.
to ask or invite to come: Will you call the family to dinner?
to communicate or try to communicate with by telephone: Call me when you arrive.
to rouse from sleep, as by a call; waken: Call me at eight o'clock.
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