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Trichlorofluoromethane, also called freon-11, CFC-11, or R-11, is a chlorofluorocarbon. It is a colorless, faint ethereal and sweetish odor liquid that boils at about ...

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... calculate its molar mass and elemental composition: Molar mass of CCI3F is 423.7332 g/mol. Formula in Hill system is C2FI3 Elemental composition of CCI3F:  ...

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Boiling Points. R-11. Trichlorofluoromethane. CCI3F. 74.5°F. R-113. Trichlorotrifluoroethane. CCI2FCCIF2. 117.6°F. R-123. Dichlorotrifluoroethane. CHCI2CF3.

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CFCs. Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) is an organic compound that contains carbon, chlorine, and fluorine, produced as a volatile derivative of methane and ethane.

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Apr 29, 2011 ... The annual growth of CCI3F and CCI2F2 emissions is reduced from 3%/ yr today to 2%/year in 2000 and 0 in 2010. The methane annual ...

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chlorofluorocarbons CFC-11 (CCI3F) and CFC-12. (CCI2F2) (Hansen et al., 1998 ; Schimel et al., 1996). Infrared (IR) active gases, mainly water vapor (H2O),.

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TROPOSPHERICOZONE. Table 2a Urban TroposphericConcentrationsof CH4 and CCI3F (Blake et al., 1984). Concentrations. Urban Excesses. Location. Date.

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LIQUID CCI3F csmunm ccI3F y. *. [SEPARATOR won anumsu. ' cclsF VAPOR. AND cc: 3F —~. -. 4. TO STAGES 1 am. 56' cc|3|= DRYER VAPOR ".

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Nov 10, 2005 ... "Values in ppm with respect to CCI3F at 0 ppm, referenced using an external standard of trifluoroacetic acid (50% V V in water) at - 76.54 ppm.

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tions of fluorocarbons-11 and -12, CCI3F and CCI2F2, havebeen measured in alveolar gas in man after using pressurized aerosol inhalers. Fluorocarbons were  ...

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Trichlorofluoromethane is a clear light colored liquid. Nearly odorless. Denser than water. Poses low acute health hazard to humans. Primary hazard is to the ...

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Jan 20, 1994 ... Global trends and annual releases of CCI3F and CCIzFz estimated from ALE/ GAGE and other measurements from July 1978 to June 1991.

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According to statistical data concerning the most of- ten used compounds of this kind, known as Freons: CCI3F (CFC-11) and CC12F2 (CFC-12), in the years.