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Grand theft, also called grand larceny, is a term use throughout the United States designating ... Theft is also considered grand theft when more than $280 in crips or marine life-forms are stolen, ...

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Jul 24, 2014 ... Except as listed above, if the value of the stolen property is $950 or less, the theft is considered to be “petty theft” pursuant to California Penal ...

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And when the property taken is valued at more than nine hundred fifty dollars ($ 950), then the theft is considered the California crime of grand theft under Penal ...

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In Florida, Grand Theft is the unlawful taking of property valued at $300 or more. Grand theft is a felony offense, with severe penalties, including prison.

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Florida state laws distinguish between petit theft and grand theft. The type of theft determines whether the state will prosecute an offense as a misdemeanor or a ...

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... in excess of $1,000,. the offender commits grand theft in the first degree, punishable as a felony of the first degree, as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s.

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The penalties and sentences for theft can range from the minor to the severe, with a ... Other categories of theft, such as grand theft auto, may also have separate ...

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Mar 31, 2011 ... Grand theft is considered a “wobbler” in California, which means it can be charged as either felony theft or misdemeanor theft depending on the ...

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Theft is either classified as petty theft or grand theft in California, a difference that depends on the value of the property. Generally, grand theft exists where the ...

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Definition of grand larceny in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is ... Related to grand larceny: grand theft, petty larceny .... This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not ...

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Grand theft is not always considered a felony and can be a misdemeanor offense .

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grand theft is the equivalent of first degree theft. Theft can be categorized as grand theft -- and therefore deemed a more serious offense -- for a variety of ...

Grand Theft: A felony or a misdemeanor?


Oct 14, 2013 ... For people facing charges of grand theft, a common concern is whether or not the crime constitutes a felony or a misdemeanor. One of the key ...