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Mill (currency)


The mill or mille (₥) is a now-abstract unit of currency used sometimes in accounting. In the United States, it is a notional unit equivalent to <sup>1</sup>⁄1000 of a United...

If you have 5 tenths of a dollar how much money do you have


To answer this question we first need to write it down as an equation. Five tenths can be written as 5/10. This fraction works out to the decimal 0.5. The next step ...

What is 5 tenths of a dollar - Answers.com


50 cents each tenth is 10 cents.

Money and Decimals Quiz


A dime is what decimal of a dollar? one thousandth one hundredth one tenth. 2. ... .04 .4. 4. Seven cents would be what decimal part of a dollar? .007 .07 .7. 5.

Elementary Test Prep: Math 4 Test (Grades 4)Decimals to the ...


Decimals can be written to the tenths place. ... 55 / 100. 0.55, fifty-five hundredths ... Click To Download 0.1 one tenth. A penny is one hundredth of a dollar. 0.01

One Tenth Conversion Chart (Fractions and Percent Converter ...


Conversion chart for one tenth (Fractions, fractions and percent). Instant conversion for ... Type your one tenth value below. ... one fifth (1/5). 0.5. one sixth (1/6).

Fractions - Addition and Subtraction


In the United States and Canada, money is expressed in dollars and we can think of ... (meaning one tenth) we get the word dime which is one tenth of one dollar. ... However, nickels will work because a quarter equals 5 nickels and a dime ...

GED Math: Understanding Decimals | Open Window Learning


Note that the “part” of forty-five cents is written to the right of the decimal point and represents 4 dimes (or 4 tenths of a dollar) and 5 pennies (or 5 hundredths of a ...

Tenths, Hundredths, and Thousandths


four and twenty-eight thousand, five hundred forty-two hundred thousandths. You can see that it is ... 28,542. 100,000. Tenths have one digit after the decimal point. five tenths. 0.5 four and one .... Round to the nearest dollar. 17. a. $36.12 b.

Percents: Introduction to Percentages - GCFLearnFree.org


In our Introduction to Decimals, you learned that 25 cents is 0.25 of a dollar. .... is larger, five and four-tenths of a percent or five and five-tenths of a percent?

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If you have 5 tenths of a dollar how much money would you have


50 cents ... If you have 5 tenths of a dollar how much money would you have? If you have 5 tenths of a dollar how much money would you have? SAVE CANCEL  ...



As with all decimals, tenths can be written as fractions with a denominator of 10. ... .5 ... A dime is literally one tenth of a dollar and ten dimes or ten tenths equal a  ...

Adding Five Tenths Students express a fraction with a denominator ...


Note: This task may be implemented individually, in small groups, or in a whole- group setting. If the task is given in a whole-group setting, the teacher should ask  ...