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Forensic Artist Job Description, Education Requirements and Salary ...


A forensic artist, also commonly referred to as a sketch artist, is a graphic artist that renders free-hand or computerized drawings, enhancements, and.

Become a Forensic Artist | Training and Career Information


Interested in being a forensic artist ? Learn how to become a forensic sketch artist and the training needed, as well as career and salary information.

A brief history of forensic art - Forensic Artist


Well over a hundred years ago, law enforcement agencies began using composite drawings to aid in an investigation where evidence was scant and the  ...

What is Forensic Art? - Forensic Faces Institute


Forensic art is any art that aids in the apprehension or conviction of a criminal offender, or aids in the identification of unknown deceased persons. It is primarily  ...

Forensic Art Defined and Explained - Forensic Magazine


Dec 1, 2004 ... Composite Drawing Composite images are the “bread and butter” of any working forensic artist. Composite drawings are defined in the ...

Forensic Art as A Career | Ask a Forensic Artist


Do you want to become a forensic artist, but don't know how in the world to go about it? Here's the best information you're going to get on the reality of joining the ...

Forensic Sculptor: Job Description, Duties and Training Information


Although there is no set postsecondary program specifically for forensic sculptors , those interested in pursuing a career in this field can learn the art of sculpting ...

Forensic Artists: Education Requirements and Job Description


Postsecondary training is not required for a career as a forensic artist, although it may be preferred by most employers and increase job prospects. Forensic ...

Forensic Artist


Victoria Lywood is a professional forensic facial reconstruction artist in Montreal Canada offering onfidential sincere and personalized cold case services.

'Dying Art?': Forensic Sketch Artists Face a Digital Future - NBC News


Mar 3, 2014 ... It's been called a "dying art," but forensic sketch artists are trying to draw attention to their craft in the face of digital change.

Forensic arts - Wikipedia
Forensic art is any art used in law enforcement or legal proceedings. Within this field are such skills as composite drawing, crime scene sketching, image ... More »
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Forensic artist - Stephen Mancusi


Forensic art is a law enforcement police sketching of composite drawing, age progression, image modification, post-mortem skull reconstruction and court ...

Requirements for Forensic Artist Certification


Due to the multifaceted nature of the field of forensic art, it includes three categories. They are Composite Art, Facial Reconstruction and Age Progression.

A Career in Forensic Art: 10 steps to get you there | Ask a Forensic ...


While there are no guarantees to getting a job as a forensic artist, I've come up with this 10 steps that outline the most reasonable and logical way of attaining ...