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What is Harry Styles favorite superhero? What is Harry Styles ... His favourite hobby is to get naked, he said it on The Xtra Factor in 2010. Edit ... Harry potter. Edit.


Oct 20, 2012 ... If you planned on snagging a Christmas gift for any of the One Direction lads, listen up! They're revealing their favorite gifts ever, along with a lot ...


Aug 26, 2013 ... One Direction answers fan questions. ... From cereal pranks to favorite songs, MTV News got some answers from 1D. ... @jocelyn1212 if You Could Be Bestfriends/Sidekick With A Superhero. who would it be and why?

Mar 23, 2013 ... One Direction - LIVE - saying their superhero names and Liam is telling us a story about Harry Styles harry saying that his superhero name will ...


One Direction + Zayn Malik Superhero themed FREE LOCKSCREEN!! ... Walking on water, levitating into the air — Harry Styles is either auditioning to be Marvel's next superhero or in a new biblical ... My favourite fic from the Superhero AUs.


Harry superhero in Teenage Dirtbag ♥.♥ u can save ... harry styles twerking - # HarryDroppedThatThunThunThun ..... this is one of my favorite pictures of him<3.


Apr 6, 2015 ... Browse through and read thousands of one direction superhero stories and books.


Harry Styles must face the internal and external struggles that come along with being a super hero. These conflicts could not only harm him but also his ...


Everything you need to know about the One Direction star .... Harry's favourite X Factor moment was singing on the charity single 'Heroes' (a cover of the David ...