Did you mean: What Is Implied about an Active Galaxy vs Quasar That Varies Its Energy Output Rapidly?
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Power Source for Active Galaxies and Quasars - Astronomy Notes


Jun 12, 2010 ... The gravitational potential energy you had above the ground was ... The amount of mass needed to power the nuclei in active galaxies is from ... The number of quasars peaks at a time when the universe was about 20% of its ...

Chapter 25


Active galaxies typically look like galaxies, whereas quasars are often so ... Thus, the broadening indicates rapid internal motion in the nucleus. ... over long periods of time has shown that the energy emission often varies over time. ..... Thus, even neglecting its nonstellar spectrum, the total energy output of an active galaxy ...

Introduction to active galaxies: View as single page


An active galaxy may be regarded as a normal galaxy plus an AGN with its ..... star because cool giant stars dominate the luminous output of the galaxy. ... The broad lines imply that the gas must be either extremely hot or in rapid motion. .... Figure 10: The spectral energy distribution of an active galaxy, the quasar 3C 273 .

High-redshift quasars and the supermassive black hole mass budget


May 1, 2004 ... 1998) has observed over 650 confirmed quasars in the redshift range 3.0 ≲z < 5.7 (Schneider et al. ... observations of quasars and other active galactic nuclei ( AGN) in ... 'mass budget' implied by the estimated local SMBH mass density. ..... terms of the fraction ɛ of its total rest mass energy that is libera...

Low-ionization broad absorption lines in quasars


This last object is noteworthy because its Mg ii and Al iii lines absorb down to almost zero flux ... The velocity at which C iv absorption begins varies from object to object. .... equilibrium is well justifled for photoionized clouds in active galaxies. .... H I photoionization cross section decreases rapidly with photon energy ( x v ...

The host galaxies of radio-loud active galactic nuclei: mass ...


Its normalization varies strongly with mass, as M~5 or M~; this scaling only ... in massive galaxies, with the fraction of AGN decreasing rapidly below a stellar mass ... This process can lead to very efficient coupling ofthejet kinetic energy output of .... objects classified as 'quasars' by the automated SDSS classification p...

Chapter 3: Insights in lines and dots


[4:] Quasars are fascinating objects that generate the energy of a thousand trillion ... "z" in Rick's note) implied that the quasar had to be intrinsically very luminous, outshining the combined light of the hundreds of billions of stars in its host galaxy . ... One of the more valuable eye-brain processing systems allows ...

The X-ray luminous cluster underlying the bright radio-quiet quasar ...


Mar 1, 2010 ... We consider H1821+643 in the context of a unified active galactic nucleus ... However, the large reservoir of cool gas implied by this cooling flow model ... for ' radio-quiet' quasars (at only 10<sup>23.9</sup> W Hz<sup>−1</sup> sr<sup>−1</sup>) and its 151 MHz radio .... The 2.0– 5.0 keV energy band was therefore used to estimate the radial ...

Chapter 14 Black Holes as Central Engines


quasars, active galaxies, and gamma-ray bursts. 333 .... of it or its emitted radiation escape carrying energy and angu- lar momentum ..... than most other sources at all wavelengths, varies substantially in time ... The huge energy output , large redshifts, and jets and other structure ..... How rapidly matter is accreting onto the.

George DARWIN Lecture 1976 - Quasars and young galaxies


The high-energy non-stellar activity in some galactic nuclei seems even more mysterious. ... this implied that quasars were much more luminous than ordinary galaxies, and ... Rapidly variable X-rays could be either synchrotron-type radiation, ... when its power output (derived primarily from gravitational binding energy) ...

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Active Galaxies and Quasars - Introduction - Imagine the Universe!


Nov 17, 2014 ... The energy emitted by an active galaxy (or AGN) is anything but "normal". So what is happening in these galaxies to produce such an energetic output? ... an AGN which has one of its relativistic jets pointed toward the Earth ...

Supermassive Black Holes


May 10, 2007 ... 3C 273's total optical output varies significantly in only 10 months or so ... view now is that quasars are found in galaxies with active, ... the rate at which matter is converted into energy can be as high as 10 solar ... its own right, without having passed through the rapid accretion .... The implied central mas...

The Most Luminous Galaxies Discovered by WISE


by highly obscured active galactic nuclei (AGNs), and there is no evidence suggesting these systems ... dominates the energy output of these hyperluminous sys- ... As the AGN accretes, its luminos- ... Were the SMBHs accreting as rapidly as optical quasars, ..... ther discussion of the SEDs and implied dust tempera-.