Did you mean: What Is Implied about an Active Galaxy vs Quasar That Varies Its Energy Output Rapidly?
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Quasars or quasi-stellar radio sources are the most energetic and distant members of a class of .... Quasars inhabit the very center of active, young galaxies, and are among the most luminous, power...

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Active galactic nuclei (AGN) involve the most powerful, steady sources of luminosity in ... Causality implies that an object that varies rapidly in time t must be smaller than the ... High luminosities imply high masses such that gravity can combat radiation ... The gravitational energy liberated during accretion onto a black hole is ...

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Some of these active galactic nuclei (AGN) make more energy than the ... Categories of AGN include Seyfert galaxies, radio galaxies, and quasars, ... the broad lines imply that the gas producing them must be moving at a large range of velocities. ... For example, if its output varies substantially in one month, the source is ...

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Active galaxies typically look like galaxies, whereas quasars are often so ... periods of time has shown that the energy emission often varies over time. ... These rather rapid fluctuations lead us to conclude that the source of energy .... Thus, even neglecting its nonstellar spectrum, the total energy output of an active galaxy ...

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Abstract Quasars emit more energy than any other objects in the universe, yet ... of its host galaxy, such as the total mass in stars, but the origin of this relation and the role .... of radiation at or near their centers, called active galactic nuclei [4]. The .... argument suggests that the size of the most rapidly varying quasars mu...

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An active galaxy may be regarded as a normal galaxy plus an AGN with its ..... The broad lines imply that the gas must be either extremely hot or in rapid motion. ... indicate the maximum and minimum in regions where the flux density varies .... Figure 10: The spectral energy distribution of an active galaxy, the quasar 3C 273  ...

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The high-energy non-stellar activity in some galactic nuclei seems even more mysterious. ... this implied that quasars were much more luminous than ordinary galaxies, and ... Rapidly variable X-rays could be either synchrotron-type radiation, ... when its power output (derived primarily from gravitational binding energy) ...

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Dec 1, 2008 ... 1984), in its modern, dark energy dominated (ΛCDM) incarnation, provides ... hot gas in clusters similarly imply that this gas should have short cooling times, ... or stellar mass of a galaxy and the mass of its DM halo varies strongly and .... and rapid black hole accretion associated with ULIRGS and quasars ...

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Universe from the Herschel Radio Galaxy Evolution Project ... Key words. galaxies: activequasars: general – galaxies: high-redshift ... the nature of the IR spectral energy distribution (SED) can be ..... was deblended to remove its contribution from the radio galaxy .... Interestingly, such luminous objects imply strong AGN.

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Jun 11, 2014 ... Key words: galaxies: active / quasars: general / galaxies: ... the nature of the IR spectral energy distribution (SED) can be used to probe .... it was deblended to remove its contribution from the radio galaxy flux (see Sect. .... Interestingly, such luminous objects imply strong AGN and/or star formation activities.

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As a class, active galaxies (and quasars too, as we will see) have some or all of the ... lines, indicating rapid internal motion within the energy-producing region. ... an object having a luminosity of 10<sup>38</sup> W. In and of itself, this energy output is not ... gas that come too close to the hole and are torn apart by its strong gravity.

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B) cause both galaxies to collapse into a supermassive black hole. ... 16) What is implied about an active galaxy or quasar that varies its energy output rapidly?

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May 10, 2007 ... 3C 273's total optical output varies significantly in only 10 months or so ... view now is that quasars are found in galaxies with active, ... the rate at which matter is converted into energy can be as high as 10 solar ... its own right, without having passed through the rapid accretion .... The implied central mas...