Did you mean: What Is Implied about an Active Galaxy vs Quasar That Varies Its Energy Output Rapidly?
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Quasars inhabit the very center of active, young galaxies, and are among the most ... in the universe, emitting up to a thousand times the energy output of the Milky Way, ... Quasar QSO-160913+65322...

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An active galaxy is a galaxy that has a very small core of extremely high ... As a galaxy ages, its black hole eventually runs out of local consumable ... The radiation emitted varies from radio and infrared waves to x-rays and gamma-rays. .... active very young galaxies and emit up to a thousand times the energy output of our ...

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As a class, active galaxies (and quasars too, as we will see) have some or all of the ... Figure 16.11 Active Galactic Nucleus The leading theory for the energy ... an object having a luminosity of 10<sup>38</sup> W. In and of itself, this energy output is .... observations of M87 support the idea of a rapidly whirling accretion disk at its heart...

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Active galactic nuclei (AGN) involve the most powerful, steady sources of luminosity in ... Causality implies that an object that varies rapidly in time t must be smaller than the ... High luminosities imply high masses such that gravity can combat radiation ... The gravitational energy liberated during accretion onto a black hole is ...

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Quasars were first identified as being high redshift sources of ... central supermassive black hole of a galaxy, powered by its accretion disc. ... the implication of the redshift is that the quasars are very distant -- and thus, it follows, very ancient. .... amounts of energy in the form of high energy (i.e. rapidly moving, close to ...

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Jun 19, 2015 ... To be observable at that distance, the energy output of quasars ... Knowledge of quasars is advancing rapidly. ... whether quasars were nearby objects or distant objects as implied by ... As such, a quasar varying on the time scale of a few weeks cannot ... Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei: An Introduction.

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The recognition of active galactic nuclei may be conveniently traced to three ... of emitting matter shooting thousands of light-years from its core, one which had been ... that quasars vary (in both visible light and radio core output) in timescales so ... of active galactic nucleus with a nearly featureless spectrum and rapid strong ...

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Active galactic nuclei (AGNs) are perhaps the most violently energetic objects in the universe. ... of energy, sometimes on the order of trillion times the output of the Sun. ... Near their sources, these jets tend to vary in brightness on rapid cycles of ... side of its aperture to another at least as rapidly as the observed variation...

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Jan 9, 2014 ... Quasars are the most luminous of a class of physically similar objects called active galaxies. To understand active galaxies, it's necessary to understand the basic ... is variable — when the energy source for accelerating electrons varies, the ... of angular momentum indicates that it will be spinning rapidly.

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First, a lower limit to the total energy output of a quasar is the energy, 1061 erg,. that is stored in its radio-emitting plasma halo. This energy weighs ... has appeared: the objects that vary most rapidly are now thought to contain relativistic jets. that are ... arguments then imply that typical remnant masses are M. 108 M . Better...

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Q: What is implied about an active galaxy or quasar that varies its ...
A: The source of energy must be relatively small. The source is due to a collision between matter and antimatter. The energy source must be rapidly rotating. The s... Read More »
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May 1, 2006 ... Answer: D Page Ref: 24.5N. What is implied about an active galaxy or quasar that varies its energy output rapidly? The source of energy must ...



We now believe quasars and active galaxies to be related phenomena, and that their ... Quasar Redshifts Imply Enormous Distance and Energy Output ... from them was produced when the Universe was only one tenth of its present age.

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Active galaxies typically look like galaxies, whereas quasars are often so ... These rather rapid fluctuations lead us to conclude that the source of energy .... The lobes of radio galaxies vary in size and shape from source to source, but .... Thus, even neglecting its nonstellar spectrum, the total energy output of an active galaxy ...

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For the galaxy to the right, the spectrum shows a line shifted on the nucleus first far ... the fact that mass falling into a black hole can release a total energy of E = mc<sup>2</sup>, ... that of the entire Milky Way, many active nuclei have rapidly varying light outputs, ... For example, if its output varies substantially in one month, the sou...