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Visual impairment, also known as vision impairment or vision loss, is a decreased ability to see .... In the United States, the terms partially sighted, low vision, legally blind and totally blind a...

Legally Blind: What Does It Mean? - All About Vision


Legally blind is not total blindness. Learn what legal blindness means and what can be done about it.

What Is the Difference between Low Vision and Legal Blindness?


Jun 26, 2014 ... Since the earliest days of VisionAware.org, the following questions about the meaning of "legal blindness" consistently rank within the top ...

Key Definitions of Statistical Terms - American Foundation for the Blind


Legal blindness is a level of vision loss that has been legally defined to determine eligibility for benefits. The clinical diagnosis refers to a central visual acuity of ...

When are you Legally Blind - Disabled World


Approximately ten percent of those deemed legally blind, by any measure, have no vision. The rest have some vision, from light perception.

Disability Planner: Special Rules For People Who Are Blind Or Have ...


This disability planner page explains what Social Security means by legally blind and the special rules we use when a person who meets that definition returns ...

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CONFIRMATION OF LEGAL BLINDNESS. The federal definition [10] of " blindness" in the Supplemental Security Income program under. Title XVI of the Social ...

Blindness and vision loss - Vision Australia


A person is considered legally blind if they cannot see at six metres what someone with normal vision can see at 60 metres or if their field of vision is less than 20 ...

What's the legal definition of blindness? - Slate


Mar 14, 2008 ... According to the federal statute that defines legal blindness, a person also merits the designation if he or she suffers from severe tunnel vision, ...

Legally Blind | What is Legally Blind | Think About Your Eyes


Learn more about what is considered legally blind and the definition of legal blindness. An eye exam can help determine if you are legally blind.

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Low Vision and Legal Blindness Terms and Descriptions ...


For more information on the definitions of legal blindness, you can read Disability Evaluation Under Social Security, a publication from the Social Security ...

What Does It Mean to Be Legally Blind? - WebMD


Nov 17, 2015 ... More than 1.1 million Americans are legally blind. WebMD helps you understand what it means to be legally blind.

Legally Blind - Definition - Verywell


Sep 27, 2016 ... A person is considered to be legally blind if he or she has a best-corrected vision of 20/200 in their best-seeing eye. Many people feel that they ...