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Economic efficiency


Strands of thought[edit]. There are two main strains of thought on economic efficiency, which ... A market can be said to have allocative efficiency when every good or service is produced up to the ...

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In economics, a market is efficient if the maximum amount of goods and services are being produced with a given level of resources, and if no additional output ...

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The degree to which stock prices reflect all available, relevant information. Market efficiency was developed in 1970 by Economist Eugene Fama who's theory ...

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Definition of market efficiency: Measure of the availability (to all participants in a market) of the information that provides maximum opportunities to buyers and ...

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The efficient markets theory (EMT) of financial economics states that the price of an asset reflects all relevant information that is available about the intrinsic value  ...

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Market efficiency. Consumer surplus. Consumer surplus: is the extra satisfaction gained by consumers from paying a price that is lower than that which they are ...

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... testing system. AmosWEB means economics, with a touch of whimsy. ... Market efficiency is the hallmark of a competitive market. Buyers and sellers, acting in ...

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It is important to note that achieving economic efficiency is not always the most important goal for a society. A market can be perfectly efficient but highly unequal .

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Jul 16, 2009 ... The efficient-markets hypothesis has underpinned many of the financial industry's models for years. After the crash, what remains of it?

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What is the link between stock price informational efficiency and economic efficiency? We present a model of the stock market in which: (i) managers have ...

Market Efficiency
The degree to which stock prices reflect all available, relevant information. Market efficiency was developed in 1970 by Economist Eugene Fama who's theory efficient market hypothesis (EMH), stated that it is not possible for an investor to outp... More »
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The efficient market hypothesis (EMH) suggests that stock prices fully reflect all ... Fama was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences jointly ...

Definition of market efficiency


(a) Market efficiency does not require that the market price be equal to true value at every point in time. All it requires is that errors in the market price be ...

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Feb 23, 2011 ... measures, no arbitrage, no dominance, economic equilibrium. ... The original definition of market efficiency is given by Fama [22], p. 383 in his ...