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Types of Mass Wasting. Rockfalls and rockslides. Rockfalls occur when pieces of rock break loose from a steep rock face or cliff. These result from the rock face ...

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Lecture #10: Mass Wasting. Mass wasting - is movement in which bed rock, rock debris, or soil moves downslope in bulk, or as a mass, because of the pull of ...

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Oct 29, 2014 ... Mass Movement is defined as the down slope movement of rock and regolith near the Earth's surface mainly due to the force of gravity. Mass ...

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Mass wasting or mass movement is the movement of a large mass of rock, soil and debris downward due to the pull of gravity. Learn about the process...

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Mass-wasting processes. Slumps - Click to enlarge The down-slope movement of material, whether it be bedrock, regolith, or a mixture of these, is commonly ...

Introduction to Mass Wasting

web.csulb.edu/depts/geology/facultypages/bperry/Mass Wasting/Introduction_to_Mass_Wasting.htm

The purpose of making this web site is to provide students and the general public with basic information on the different processes and types of mass wasting.

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Mass wasting definition, downhill movement of soil and rock fragments induced by gravity. See more.

Introduction to Mass Wasting

web.csulb.edu/depts/geology/facultypages/bperry/Mass Wasting/Causes_of_Mass_Wasting.htm

Slower, long-duration types of mass wasting are associated with gradual, repetitive processes resulting from low levels of shear stress within the slope.

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web.csulb.edu/depts/geology/facultypages/bperry/Mass Wasting/Types_of_Mass_Wasting.htm

Also, water can play a significant role in mass wasting, sometimes acting as the key component to a mass-wasting event, or serving as a lubricant within a mass ...

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Mass Wasting. The term "mass wasting" in geology is used to describe any process that moves mass under the influence of gravity. It includes the common term ...

Mass wasting
Mass wasting, also known as slope movement or mass movement, is the geomorphic process by which soil, sand, regolith, and rock move downslope typically ... More »