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Mercury's most well-known feature is the Caloris Basin. This huge crater-like feature on Mercury's surface resulted from an ancient encounter with an asteroid. It is quite large, m...

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However, Mercury's orbital eccentricity is the largest of all known planets in the Solar ... One distinctive feature of Mercury's surface is the presence of numerous .... that was famous for...

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The planet Mercury was known by ancient people thousands of years ago. It has no ...... One of Jupiter's most famous features is the Great Red Spot. It is a giant ...

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Nov 4, 2014 ... Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and is known for its short ... 170 C), a temperature swing of more than 1,100 degrees F (600 degree C), .... He covers all things human origins and astronomy as well as physics ...

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Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and due to its proximity it is not easily seen except ... Most Mercurian craters are named after famous writers and artists.

Mercury Facts: Interesting Facts about the Planet Mercury


Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and is also the smallest of the eight planets in our .... Most of the Mercurian craters are named after famous writers and artists. ... The third of the surface features tells us something of great interest as well.

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That would be the craters on its surface, particularly the Caloris Basin, a 1500 km impact crater.

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Several features are named after famous astonomers and observatories. ... It's interesting to note that one side of the planet seems to be more heavily cratered ...

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Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and the eighth largest. Mercury is slightly smaller in diameter than the moons Ganymede and Titan but more than ... Mercury has been known since at least the time of the Sumerians (3rd millennium BC). .... Caloris Basin One of the largest features on Mercury's surface is the Caloris ...

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The Caloris Basin is the largest feature on the surface of Mercury. ... During its three passes by the planet, Mariner 10 took pictures of...more ... Institutional Affiliates in support of our ongoing programs, as well as collaborations on new projects.

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Q: What is Mercury's most well-known feature?
A: Caloris Basin. It is Mercury's largest crater, with a diameter of 1300 miles. The great white spot is a cloud in Neptune's atmosphere. The Great Red Spot is in ... Read More »
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Q: What is mercury's most well-known feature?
A: The planet Mercury (which I assume you mean, this being the astronomy list and not chemistry or history) has one of the four largest craters known in the Solar ... Read More »
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Q: What is Mercury's most well-known feature?
A: The Caloris Basin... Source(s): http://www.windows.ucar.edu/tour/link=/m… Read More »
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Q: What is Mercury's most well-known feature?
A: Its hot!! or A unique feature on Mercury is that of a remarkable system of scarps around hundereds of kilometers long and 500 to 1,000 m high haha or what they ... Read More »
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Q: What is Mercury’s most well known feature?
A: Well, if you want to get technical about the god, Gmack, I'd say the charming little wings on his sandals. And then there's the caduceus, which is not so charmi... Read More »
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