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Gold vs Platinum | What's the Best Metal for Your Ring - Do Amore


Wedding Rings are usually made of gold or platinum. When it ... While 18k gold is more valuable, it is softer and will scratch easier than 14k gold will. 14k gold is ...

whats more expensive? gold? platinum? | Yahoo Answers


Oct 21, 2007 ... platinum? yellow gold? white gold? or titanium? is titatium ok for an engagement ring?

Which Is More ValuableGold or Platinum? - Sell Gold HQ


Why are gold and platinum so valuable? As precious metals, they are both extremely rare to find – platinum more so than gold – and have a number of ...

White Gold vs Platinum - What Jewellers Wont Tell You


With the spot price of platinum and gold being very much the same nowadays, many people ask us why platinum is still more expensive that white gold.

9 Substances More Valuable Than Gold - Business Insider


Jul 8, 2011 ... But there are plenty of more expensive commodities out there, and unlike gold, they actually have some real personal or industrial uses.

White Gold vs Platinum - For Wedding Rings - What's the Difference?


Jan 6, 2014 ... This post will cover whatever it is you want to know about gold or platinum. I've covered why platinum is more expensive, which metal holds its ...

White Gold vs Platinum | Yellow Gold vs Rose Gold - What's Best?


Needs to be cleaned/polished every few years, but this strips away some of the platinum. Significantly more expensive than white gold, which looks the same, ...

Palladium VS Platinum & White Gold - Which is Best for You ...


White Gold Explanation; About Platinum for Rings; Platinum VS White Gold - Price ... Why is Platinum so much more expensive than Palladium and Gold?

The 5 C's of White Gold vs. Platinum - Huffington Post


May 29, 2013 ... The biggest advantage of white gold over platinum is certainly the cost. Platinum is more expensive because it is rarer and mined much less ...

White gold vs. platinum | Gillett's Jewellers


For more information about white gold or platinum have a look at the jewelry metal advice page. ... Platinum is, however, very expensive. A platinum ring will be ...

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Platinum Significantly Cheaper than Gold for Just the 2nd Time in 24 ...


Mar 20, 2015 ... The chart below shows the relationship between platinum and gold going back to 1991. Platinum is nearly always more expensive than gold ...

Why is platinum costlier than gold? - Quora


Sep 7, 2015 ... But it also means that moulding & working with raw platinum to make jewelry out of it is more difficult & more expensive. Melting Point : Platinum ...

Why is gold worth more than platinum (by weight), currently? - Quora


Sep 1, 2015 ... Typically platinum is more expensive than gold, my understanding being that it's because platinum is more rare. So why then, is gold currently ...