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Use the random ninja name generator to create your own unique cool ninja name.

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Ninja and Assassin name generator. 1000's of names are available, you're bound to find one you like.

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Type in your full name to get the best results! Find out your true Ninja identity now !

Could You Be a Ninja? - Quiz Rocket!


As Jay-Z says, "All black everything..." Something red or green. It's a myth that ninjas always dressed entirely in black. OMG! My ninja Halloween costume from  ...

What is your ninja name? - I Waste So Much Time


Is your name Aaron? That is so epic. Tess • 4 years ago. but kakashimoto is awesome! sounds so ninja-y. Ian White • 4 years ago. My name is only 3 letters long, ...

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Ninja Name Generator. Pirates Vs Ninjas,Ninja Name,Name Generator,Menu, Names. 25. 8. 4. What´s your Ninja name? My Ninja name is Rinkutakatokiku :-).

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I am that even when my mom is like don't do that I'm like I want to see so I can grab my softball bat and hit the robber over the James's and knock him/her out so  ...

Ninja Name - Ninja Burger


Simply enter your real name in the space provided (don't worry, your secret identity is safe with Ninja Burger) and click "Submit" to learn your new secret Ninja ...

What Kind of Ninja Would You Have Been? | Playbuzz


Sep 4, 2014 ... The Ninja had many roles in their clans: some were unarmed experts, while others used a particular weapon. Some were intelligence gatherers ...

Wu-Name - House of Ninja


Whut's your wu? What's your Wu Name? WTF is a Wu Name? Who cares, it's probably gonna make you laugh. Type in your full name, those of your loved ...