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Muhammad Nizamuddin Auliya also known as Hazrat Nizamuddin, was a Sufi saint of the Chishti Order and arguably one of the most famous Sufis on the Indian ... More »
[ni-zahm, -zam, nahy-]
the title of the ruler of Hyderabad from the beginning of the 18th century to 1950.
(lowercase) the Turkish regular army or any member of it.
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The Nizam-ul-Mulk of Hyderabad, popularly known as the Nizam of Hyderabad, was a monarch of the Hyderabad State, now divided into Telangana state, ...


Nizam also spelt "Nezam", may refer to: Contents. [hide]. 1 Government; 2 Organizations; 3 Places; 4 Education; 5 Transportation; 6 Military; 7 Other; 8 See also ...


Nizam was the title of the native sovereigns of Hyderabad State, India, since 1719. They belonged to ... The first Nizam ruled in place of the Mughal emperors.


Nizam definition: (formerly) a Turkish regular soldier | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Define nizam: one of a line of sovereigns of Hyderabad, India, reigning from 1713 to 1950.


Aug 14, 2012 ... Bred on the delusion of born to rule, always protected by the British and egged on by Razakars, a volunteer militia, the seventh Nizam, Mir ...


Nizam definition, the title of the ruler of Hyderabad from the beginning of the 18th century to 1950. See more.


the title of the native rulers of Hyderabad, India that reigned from 1713 to 1950; pl . ni·zam′[n-] a soldier in the Turkish regular army. Origin of Nizam. Hindi and ...


nizam-i cedid: (Turkish: “new order”), originally a program of westernizing reforms undertaken by the Ottoman sultan Selim III (reigned 1789–1807). Later the ...