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Osmosis is the spontaneous net movement of solvent molecules through a semi- permeable membrane into a region of higher solute concentration, in the ... More »
[oz-moh-sis, os-]
a subtle or gradual absorption or mingling: He never studies but seems to learn by osmosis.
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At the cellular level, osmosis is the process where particles diffuse over a semi- permeable membrane from a lower concentration to a higher concentration.

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Definition of osmosis: Passage of a solvent (such as water) from a lower- concentration solution to a higher-concentration solution, through a semi- permeable ...

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Osmosis definition, the tendency of a fluid, usually water, to pass through a semipermeable membrane into a solution where the solvent concentration is higher, ...

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Aug 10, 2014 ... This is a video lesson about osmosis that describes how water moves across a semi-permeable membrane from a 'more watery' solution to a ...

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Osmosis is of great importance in biological processes where the solvent is water . The transport of water and other molecules across biological membranes is ...


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OSMOSIS AND DIFFUSION. DIFFUSION. Diffusion is the movement of particles ( atoms, ions or molecules) from a region in which they are in higher ...

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Osmosis. Water can move across cell membranes because of osmosis. For osmosis to happen you need: two solutions with different concentrations; a partially ...

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Define osmosis: biology : the process that causes a liquid (especially water) to pass through the wall of a living cell — osmosis in a sentence.