Pinsk massacre
The Pinsk massacre was the mass execution of thirty-five Jewish residents of Pinsk on April 5, 1919 by the Polish Army. The event occurred during the opening  ... More »


Pinsk (Belarusian: Пі́нск, Pinsk; Łacinka: Pinsk, Russian: Пи́нск, Pinsk; Ukrainian : Пи́нсь...

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ShtetLinks site for the former Jewish Shtetl of Pinsk, Belarus.

Pinsk, Pinsk uyezd, Minsk gubernia, Belarus - JewishGen

Pinsk (with Karolin) was in the uyezdny gorod volost' (courtesy of Vitaly Charny); The surname KITAISKY was found in the Vedomosti records (1870s-1890s) for ...

The Jews of Pinsk, 1939-1943, Through the Prism of ... - Yad Vashem

This document and many others pertaining to the Jews of Pinsk in 1939–1943, can be found in the State Archives of the Brest District3 and its branch in Pinsk, ...

The Holocaust - The Jewish Community of Pinsk

The Holocaust and the Destruction of the Jews of Pinsk (4.7.41-23.12.42). On the 4<sup>th</sup> of July 1941, the Nazi-German army conquered Pinsk. It was the first large ...

Joke: Minsk or Pinsk? -

I know you're telling me you're going to Minsk because you want me to think that you're really going to Pinsk. But it so happens that I know you really are going ...

Pinsk - The Virtual Guide to Belarus

Pinsk is the centre of the Pinsk district, Brest region, situated at the confluence of the Pina and Prypiac' rivers, 175 km East of Brest, a station on the railway line ...

The Jewish Press » » Jews of Pinsk

Jul 29, 2013 ... I have just read almost a thousand pages of the two-volume history of The Jews of Pinsk published by Stanford University Press. It is translated ...

This Day in Jewish History Three Jews Establish Pinsk Community ...

Aug 9, 2013 ... In 1506, three Jews were the progenitors of the Jewish community of Pinsk, which would constitute 70 percent of the city's population on the ...

[pinsk; Russian pyeensk]
a city in SW Byelorussia (Belarus), E of Brest.
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Q: What is Pinsk?
A: Pinsk (pnsk) A city of southwest Belarus south-southwest of Minsk. First mentioned in chronicles in 1097, it was the capital of the Pinsk duchy in the 13th cent... Read More »
Q: What does Pinsk mean?
A: Meaning a city of southwestern Belarus Hypernyms(s) Pinsk is a kind of… Example: animal is a hypernym of mammal, plant is a hypernym of flower city (what does c... Read More »
Q: What is genre of Pinske Business ?
A: Comedy Read More »
Q: What is the address of Pinsk?
A: 225700, 225710, 225716, 225745 Read More »
Q: What country contains the pinsk marshes?
A: Poland, in between the Vistula River and the Bug River. Read More »