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Pinsk is a city in Belarus, in the Polesia region, traversed by the river Pina, at the confluence of the Strumen and Pripyat rivers. The region was known as the ...

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The Holocaust and the Destruction of the Jews of Pinsk (4.7.41-23.12.42). On the 4<sup>th</sup> of July 1941, the Nazi-German army conquered Pinsk. It was the first large ...

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Two rival businessmen meet in the Warsaw train station. "Where are you going?" says the first man. "To Minsk," says the second. "To Minsk, eh? What a nerve ...

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According to the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, there were about 30,000 Jews in Pinsk in early 1941. After the German occupation, in 1942 a ghetto was ...

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The Pinsk Jewish community was established in 1506, when the prince in that area ... Much of the history of the Jews under Nazi occupation in Pinsk was related ...

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Feb 1, 2015 ... Jews settled in Pinsk after the eviction of 1495 - about a dozen families established Pinsk Jewish community which was yet to become the third ...

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Jul 20, 2007 ... At the beginning of the sixteenth century, Pinsk was the capital of a semi- autonomous Russian princedom. At that time its population numbered ...

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The charter of the Pinsk Jewish community was granted in 1506 by Prince Feodor Jaroslawicz to Josko Meirowicz, Pesaḥ Ezofowicz, and Abraham Ryzykiewicz, ...

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Distance from Minsk (Belarus) to Pinsk, route on the map. ... on your site · Main page > Distances between European cities and cities of Belarus > Minsk - Pinsk ...

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Jul 29, 2013 ... Jewish soup kitchen in Pinsk during the first World War. Photo Credit: Eilat Gordin Levitan. I have just read almost a thousand pages of the ...

Pinsk massacre
The Pinsk massacre was the mass execution of thirty-five Jewish residents of Pinsk on April 5, 1919 by the Polish Army. The event occurred during the opening  ... More »
[pinsk; Russian pyeensk]
a city in SW Byelorussia (Belarus), E of Brest.
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