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What's your favorite candy? - Quora


All of my candy needs can be fulfilled through The Vermont Country Store! My favorites are all ... What is Quora's favorite candy? Are you a candy lover? What are your top 3 favorite candy bars? What is Bethany Mota's favorite candy? Quora User, Eats Daily.

What is your current favorite candy that you ate as a kid? - Quora


I mean, I dunno if this really counts as candy. I'll eat anything containing sugar, but I've always been more of a chocolate person, so that's what I'll go with.

What candy has high sentimental value for you? - Quora


Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bars. I always associate them with Watership Down, the ... One of my favorite candies as a kid (and to this day) is Botan Rice Candy. Everyone now and then I'd come home and this wonderful treat would be  ...

What is your favorite chocolate and Why? - Quora


I'm weird. I have a deep love for dark, dark chocolates like Poco Dolce - Gourmet Chocolates Handmade in San Francisco - and their small bites. On the other ...

What is your favorite Halloween candy? - Quora


These babies. Warheads. I know that not everyone is as enthusiastic about sour candy as I am, but these are the best! I love how it tastes and how it feels when your ...

What was Hitler's favorite candy? - Quora


Hitler ate a lot of chocolate. Some websites like to claim he ate up to "2 lbs of choclate a day." That's pure exaggeration, and it's on a long list of amazingly ...

What was your favorite candy/sweets that you bought as a ... - Quora


Tootsie Roll Pops. I never could get to the center without biting ... What is your favorite movie soundtrack, as a kid growing up, and another soundtrack as your ...

What are some of the best candies from your childhood? - Quora


Jaw breakers were my favorite candy growing up. They were a hard colored sugar ball that changed color as you suck on them. Sold a nickel and dime stores .

What candy bar do you find most delicious? - Quora


Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy (Milk). It has the right amount of sweetness, it melts in your .... My favorite example of the law of unintended consequences is Hoy No Circula, the traffic rationing policy of Mexico City. Mexico City is notorious for its ...