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Sport in South Africa


Sports in South Africa have a passionate following, although they remain largely divided along ethnic lines. Soccer, Cricket and Rugby are the most popular ...

The most common favorite color for the world - Quora


Blue. It may sound absurd for there to be a 'most popular favorite color', but recent research by Stephen Palmer at Berkeley suggests an overall preference f...

What was Hitler's favorite candy? - Quora


milk chocolate i believe it was, he had a very sweet tooth. He should eat up to a near a kilo of it a day.

What is your favorite snack food? - Quora


Smartfood. smartfood images - Google Search That's my favorite for the stuff you buy in packages.

What is your favorite sport to play and why? - Quora


Basketball - but only if you are playing with decent players. Hate playing when there is no team work and everyone shoots fadeaway jump shots. It's a team ga...

What is Bhardwaj's favorite color? - Quora


Favorite Color · Favorites ... Favorites: What are the best healthy and easy to grab /prepare foods for breakfast? What is ... What is Quora User's favorite color?

What is your favorite dessert? - Quora


Mysore Pak: Being a Mysorian the list has to begin with the quintessential Mysore desert,The Mysore Pak.The key ingredients are Desi ghee(clarified butter),D...

Which fictional characters have a favorite food? - Quora


In a lot of anime genres (especially those aimed at otaku), defining a favorite food (or foods) is considered near-mandatory when presenting a new character to ...

What Makes Animal Crossing an Addictive Game? | Quora


Jul 19, 2013 ... I have loved Animal Crossing since the GameCube version first appeared in 2004, and it's easily one of my favorite game series of all time.

What can a person's favorite food say about them? - Quora


One favorite food item might tell something if it's unusual enough. A person's diet in general will tell more about their taste, creativity, sense of adventu...

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