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What is Quora's favorite candy? - Quora


See's Peanut Butter Patties - (http://www.sees.com/prod.cfm/ single_flavor_favorites/peanut_butter_patties). Anything from See's is amazing, so you can't g...

What is your current favorite candy that you ate as a kid? - Quora


I mean, I dunno if this really counts as candy. I'll eat anything containing sugar, but I've always been more of a chocolate person, so that's what I'll go w...

What is your favourite candy, and why? - Quora


If you are aiming more towards chocolate candy, I Love Twix. They are crunchy and have caramel. I do wish they had a dark chocolate version. Maybe they do ...

What is your favorite dessert? - Quora


When I was traveling in Vienna, I told myself that I had to do at least one thing: visit the famous Café Central and taste some of their famous desserts. I w...

What was your favorite candy/sweets that you bought as a ... - Quora


Candy sweethearts the kind that came in a box you can give it to your valentine. hot tamales black licorice. Written Mar 18, 2014 ...

What is your favorite snack food? - Quora


Ice Cream and chocolate (separately, or together) are treats or rewards. For snacking, it's salt - regardless of the transport medium.

What is your favorite food from childhood? - Quora


Obleas. Dinner plate sized crisp paper thin wafers with arequipe (caramelized condensed milk, aka dulce de leche). They are not particularly good but we some .

What is your favorite Indian food? - Quora


Indians have the most exquisite, rich and scrumptious diet. THE LIST IS TOO BIG. Here are few of my many favourites. CHAT-NO INDIAN CAN RESIST IT ...

What is the most common favorite color for the world? - Quora


Blue. It may sound absurd for there to be a 'most popular favorite color', but recent research by Stephen Palmer at Berkeley suggests an overall preference f...

What is Bethany Mota's favorite candy? - Quora


What is Quora's favorite candy? What was Hitler's favorite candy? Is there any ... Baking: How can hard candy be made out of a favorite drink such as soda?

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What's your favorite candy? - Quora


All of my candy needs can be fulfilled through The Vermont Country Store! My favorites are all old-fashioned, but still incredibly delicious... Molasses foam...

What is your favorite food? - Quora


I went to Fogo de Chao, which is a Brazilian steakhouse that specializes in meat, and you can eat unlimited quantities of beef... But I was overcome by an insane ...

What was Hitler's favorite candy? - Quora


Oct 31, 2015 ... Hitler ate a lot of chocolate. Some websites like to claim he ate up to "2 lbs of choclate a day." That's pure exaggeration, and it's on a long list of ...