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Reproductive success
Reproductive success is defined as the passing of genes onto the next generation in a way that they too can pass on those genes. This is not solely the number ... More »

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Jul 19, 2013 ... Reproductive Success (RS) is defined in many ways in different places by different people, but one of the most common definitions is simply the ...

Reproductive success: which meaning?


Approximated by the individual's lifetime reproductive success, this measure became the keyword of studies linking social and cultural behavior to biological ...

reproductive success definition


Jul 26, 2004 ... reproductive success. Definition: Search for: Glossary - word, Glossary - def, Textbooks, Protocols, Images, Tools, Forum, PubMed, Links, Press ...

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reproductive success. News tagged with reproductive success. sort by: Date ... A team of researchers studied the difference in reproductive success ... date ...

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for measuring reproductive success (RS). We consider the pros and cons of alternative measures of. RS to provide guidance for the design of field studies in  ...

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Psychology Definition of REPRODUCTIVE SUCCESS: Passing genes to a new generation so that the new generation may also produce offspring to pass those ...

Differential Reproductive Success - Evolution Definition


May 31, 2015 ... A brief definition of the evolution term differential reproductive success.

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individual's lifetime reproductive success, this measure became the keyword of ... consider that, like inbreeding, reproductive success takes its signification in the ...

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Estimates of individual reproductive success are only available for a few organ- ... In this paper I suggest a methodology for estimating reproductive success in.

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Q: What is reproductive success?
A: The reproductive cycle of mares is described as being "seasonally polyestrous". This means that during the breeding season (ie, periods of long days – either na... Read More »
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Q: What is reproductive success.
A: adaptive radiation. Read More »
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Q: What is unequal reproductive success.
A: it is when the production fails to pass. Read More »
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Q: What is differential reproductive success?
A: Some organisms will leave more young behind them, as they have an advantage, call it height. The taller organisms can reach the higher vegetation, perhaps when ... Read More »
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Q: What is "net reproductive success"?
A: Hmmmm - I thought it was the number of surviving offspring. Those surviving offspring would then need to reproduce in order to be considered "net" success. I've... Read More »
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