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Rosa Parks in 1955, with Martin Luther King, Jr. in the background ..... Doing much of the daily constituent work for Conyers, Parks often focused on ..... The Beloved Community: How Faith Shapes So...

How Change Happens: The Real Story of Mrs. Rosa Parks & The ...


Dec 1, 2014 ... I've told the real Rosa Parks story dozens of times to diverse ... Can you imagine doing that many fliers today, let alone on 1955 technology?

Rosa Parks's official arrest report: She refused to give bus seat to ...


Dec 1, 2013 ... Rosa Parks's official arrest report: She refused to give bus seat to white man 58 years ago today. The inside track on ... 'Two and a Half Men's' quiet co-star was doing the smart thing: Saving all the best stories for his memoir.

Today in History: December 1


Woman Fingerprinted. Mrs. Rosa Parks, Negro Seamstress, whose Refusal to Move to the Back of a Bus Touched off the Bus Boycott in Montgomery, Ala., 1956 ,

Rosa Parks Biography -- Academy of Achievement


Mar 5, 2014 ... Biography and 1995 interview with audio and video.

Rosa Parks Bus - The Story Behind the Bus - The Henry Ford


On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, a 42-year-old African American woman who worked as a seamstress, boarded this Montgomery City bus to go home from ...



Rosa Parks, a black woman, refused to give up her seat to a white man. ... posted on every bus stop, that read, "Don't ride the bus today, don't ride it for freedom.

Black Herstory: Rosa Parks Did Much More than Sit on a Bus


Feb 3, 2012 ... I find myself wanting to rant to anyone within earshot, “Rosa Parks did more ... She had been doing so for years before she ever got on that bus.

Rosa Parks' papers give insight into civil rights icon - USA Today


Feb 3, 2015 ... In documents and papers, Parks' personal life, civil rights struggle ... John Conyers to Congress in 1964 — asking King for his help in doing so ...

Claudette Colvin - Congress of Racial Equality


Her arrest preceded civil rights activist Rosa Parks' (on December 1, 1955) by nine .... Claudette Colvin (today) answers questions from students at a School in  ...

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Rosa Parks - Civil Rights Activist - Biography.com


Follow the accomplishments of civil rights activist Rosa Parks, and learn how her refusal to ... Civil rights activist Rosa Parks refused to surrender her bus seat to a white ..... And today, she takes her rightful place among those who shaped this ...

An Act of Courage, The Arrest Records of Rosa Parks


Rosa Parks, an African American, was arrested that day for violating a city law requiring racial segregation of ... Dear Mrs. Parks: A Dialogue with Today's Youth.

Interview With Rosa Parks | How Rosa Parks Fought for Civil Rights ...


Parks talks about how the Montgomery Bus Boycott began, her role in the Civil ... Rosa Parks, the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement," visited the Scholastic ... Civil Rights Today .... I was thinking mostly about how inconvenienced I was — stopping me from going home and doing my work — something I had not expected.

Rosa Parks - Black History - HISTORY.com


By refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama, city bus in 1955, black seamstress Rosa Parks (1913—2005) helped initiate the civil  ...

The Other Rosa Parks: Now 73, Claudette Colvin Was First to ...


Mar 29, 2013 ... On Rosa Parks' 100th Birthday, Recalling Her Rebellious Life Before and After ... It is because of these men and women that I stand here today.