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Jan 19, 2015 ... Wax: For some, it's a spot-slickening gift from the heavens. For others ... When it comes to wax and its proper application, consensus can be hard to find. Everyone ... Jeremy Klein Talks Selling Skateboards and Stealing Curbs.

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Skateboard Wax lets tricks slide. It is way ... Skateboard wax will make it easier to slide and grind your tricks. You can ... It makes your board look dirty and used.


How to Wax a Curb or Rail to Grind on a Skateboard. Boardslides and grinds can be really fun, but only if you can actually make it all the way. To help overcome ...


My boys wanted me to help them make some grind rail wax for there skateboards ... put your broken candles & crayons (if you used crayons) in the cut soda can.


At Skatehut we know that little things like wax can make a big difference to your skating performance and that's why we provide our customers with a wide range  ...


Shop Skateboard Wax By Brand. Alien Workshop · Almost · Bones Wheels · Creature · DGK · Diamond · Girl · Grizzly · Royal · Shorty's · Toy Machine · Zero ...


Explore the largest selection of new skateboard skate wax in stock now. Get your skateboard skate wax at Warehouse Skateboards.


Skateboard Wax. Curb wax, skate wax, skateboard wax, ledge lube, what ever you call the wax that you use to get your slide or grind on Zumiez has it.