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soda ash
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Sodium carbonate


Sodium carbonate (also known as washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals), Na2CO3, is the water-soluble sodium salt of carbonic acid. It most commonly ...

FAQ: What is soda ash, and what's it used for in dyeing?


Nov 13, 1999 ... Soda ash is a mild alkali that promotes the chemical reaction between Procion MX fiber reactive dye and cellulose fiber. Soda ash is also ...

What is Soda Ash? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK


Soda ash is a powdery white salt traditionally used in glassmaking. A good alternative cleaner, soda ash can also be used to...

Soda Ash End-Use Markets - General Chemical Industrial Products


It would be hard to go anywhere in today's world without being close to a product produced with or containing soda ash, because soda ash, known chemically as ...

Soda Soak Tie Dye Method - Dharma Trading Co.


step 2: soak garments in soda ash solution. Wear your dust mask & gloves! Use - 1 cup (8 oz.) of Soda Ash Fixer per gallon of warm water. A gallon will soak ...

Soda Ash Fixer - Dharma Trading Co.


Dharma Fiber Reactive Dye must be 'fixed' (made permanent) with soda ash on cotton and other cellulose fibers. It's a mild alkali that enables the reaction ...

What is Soda Ash? - Industrial Minerals Association - North America


Soda ash, also known as sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), is an alkali chemical refined from the mineral trona or naturally occurring sodium carbonate-bearing ...

About Soda Ash - ANSAC


Soda ash, the trade name for sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), is a white, anhydrous , powdered or granular material. It is an essential raw material used in the ...

Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash or Trona) | Minerals Education Coalition


Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash or Trona). Images: Description: Used in glass container manufacture, in fiber glass and specialty glass, also used in production of ...

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Q: What is soda ash?
A: n. Sodium carbonate in powdery white form, used especially as an industrial chemical. Read More »
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Q: What is soda ash?
A: soda ash n. Sodium carbonate in powdery white form, used especially as an industrial chemical. Read More »
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Q: What Is Soda Ash?
A: Soda ash is the common name for sodium carbonate (with the chemical formula of Na2CO3). It is actually an acidic substance, with the physical properties of a cr... Read More »
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Q: What Is Soda Ash for Pools?
A: Calcium carbonate is added to municipal swimming pools. It neutralizes chlorine's acid affect by adjusting the pH. In general, the amount of sodium carbonate to... Read More »
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Q: What Is Soda Ash for Pools?
A: Swimming pool owners use soda ash, or sodium carbonate, to regulate the pH level of the water in the pool. Adding soda ash to the water raises the pH level, mak... Read More »
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