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A surrogacy arrangement or surrogacy agreement is the carrying of a pregnancy for intended ..... Although surrogate mothers generally report being satisfied with their experience as surrogates there...

What is Surrogate Parenthood? - FindLaw


When a woman agrees to carry a child to term for another individual, who then becomes the legal parent of the child at birth, it is called surrogate parenthood.

Surrogacy: Counseling Issues and Surrogate Parenting


SCREENING OF SURROGATE MOTHERS. The psychological screening of surrogate mothers is very similar for both traditional artificial insemination surrogates ...

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WebMD explains surrogate parenting, why some choose to use a surrogate, and what you need to know before you do.

Surrogate-parent dictionary definition | surrogate-parent defined


Noun. (plural surrogate parents). a person who takes care of a child when the normal parents are unavailable see also foster parent. English Wiktionary.

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Surrogate parenting involves a woman bearing the child of another woman who is ... To be a surrogate mother is, so to say, "leasing her womb", for the child that ...

Surrogate Parenting: A Worldwide Industry, Lacking Global Rules ...


Jun 11, 2015 ... In the U.S., surrogate parenting is widely accepted. Although no official figures exist, experts believe perhaps a thousand American children are ...

Surrogate-Parenting Agreement Law & Legal Definition


This is an agreement between the intentional parent and the surrogate mother which provides that the surrogate mother will bear a child for the intentional ...

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surrogate mother a woman who agrees, usually by contract and for a fee, to bear a ... "chasing the blood tie: surrogatemothers, adoptive mothers and fathers.

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The Case against Surrogate Parenting by HERBERT T. KRIMMEL. Is it ethical for someone to create a human life with the intention of giving it up? This seems to ...

What Is Surrogate Parenting?
Surrogate parenting is when a women is hired or volunteers to carry a baby for a family or couple that is unable to have a child in the traditional sense. Find out how surrogate parents may use the surrogate mother's eggs or may use donor eggs with... More »
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Surrogate parenting is an arrangement in which one or more persons, typically a married infertile couple (the intended rearing parents), contract with a woman to ...

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a form of artificial insemination in which a fertile woman agrees to be impregnated by a sperm donor and to carry the child to term, at which time the offspring is ...

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The surrogate parent works with the school to plan the child's special education services. A surrogate parent does not take care of the child at home, like an ...