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Book design

Introduction, The author, A beginning section which states the purpose and goals ... In some books the chapters are grouped into bigger parts, sometimes called ...

Anatomy of a Book: The Contents - Barbara Doyen

Also called Leaves, these are the blank pages (perhaps with images) you find at the beginning and end of a book. They function to fill out the Signatures.

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Book Elements (also called Manuscript Elements and Parts of a Book). Book Elements - Order of the Parts of a Book. You may most certainly set the order of ...

Parts of a Book - iUniverse

Including all of the necessary parts of a book and putting them in the right order is the first step to making your book credible and professional. The inside of your ...

The Parts of a Book — Contents - Book Publishing -

Half title, sometimes called bastard title — is just the title of the book (you can ... Chapters; The body matter is numbered with Arabic numerals beginning with the  ...

Body of a Book Design - Chapters and Page Elements

The body of the book is where you'll find the story, the description, the main text of ... the book cover and spine and on the Title Page near the beginning of the book. ... a section of pages at the end of the book, where they are called endnotes.

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Jul 27, 2007 ... The Title <ul><li>Usually on front cover and spine of book </li></ul><ul><li>Also on page called Title Page, right before beginning of story ...

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Aug 7, 2008 ... And like everything else, books have their own specialized vocabulary. Reading ... The pages at the beginning and end of a book are called the ...

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Aug 6, 2013 ... Of course, an equally jarring beginning can be nearly as off-putting, and .... A book called “Take Your Characters to Dinner” by Laurel A. Yourke ...

how did Auggie's mood (from the book called Wonder by RJ ... - Tutors

Nov 20, 2012 ... At the beginning of the book, Auggie felt seperated from other kids his age. He felt as if he was an "obligation" to others as opposed to a benefit ...

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Q: What is the beginning of a book called?
A: Chapter 1 At first you start out with the cover, then the title page, then the Index or Contents (whatever you prefer to call it), Then you've got your dedicati... Read More »
Q: Whats is the beginning remark in a book called?
A: Preface - A short introductory essay preceding the text of a book Source(s): WordWeb Read More »
Q: What are quotations at the beginning of books called?
A: The name for a quotation before a book begins is an epigraph. If the epigraph is only one line, it is called and epigram. Read More »
Q: What is the message at the beginning of a book called?
A: I think you mean the preface? If not have a look at the site in the source, very helpful site. Source(s) Read More »
Q: What is the quote at the beginning of a book called?
A: A motto or quotation, as at the beginning of a literary Read More »