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Finno-Ugric Finno-Ugrian or Fenno-Ugric is a traditional grouping of all languages in the Uralic ..... Retrieved September 04, 2012 from website:http:// www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/F...

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Fin·no-U·gric. (fĭn′ō-o͞o′grĭk, -yo͞o′-) also Fin·no-U·gri·an n. A subfamily of the Uralic language family that includes Finnish, Hungarian, and other ...

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A member of a group of Finno-Ugric peoples of western Siberia and Hungary, including the Magyars. 2. Ugric. [From Old Russian Ugre, Hungarians, of Turkic ...

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adjective Fin·no–Ugric \ˌfi-nō-ˈ(y)ü-grik\. Definition of Finno–Ugric. 1 : of, relating to, or constituting a subfamily of the Uralic family of languages comprising ...

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You mean Finnish is not related with Russian? Is it true that "the theories about the Finno-Ugrian language relationship have been shown to be false"?

Which is more European ? Finno-ugric languages or Indo-European ...


Thanks gyms, I mean Finno-Ugric languages, but to recognize a racist post, it is not necessary to be a linguist, "What is more European ...?".

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The meaning of the Hungarian word has only been given if it differs clearly from ... orpo 'orphan' - árva (an old Indo-European loanword in Finno-Ugric, related to  ...

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Jan 13, 2011 ... For example, a typical Finno-Ugric language has agglutinative morphology, meaning words are composed of several morphemes which attach ...

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The Ugric taxon includes Hungarian and two Ob-Ugric languages: Hanty and ..... taxon. One of the options is to define the Ob-Ugric languages (Mansi and.

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Finno-Ugric religion, pre-Christian and pre-Islāmic religious beliefs and practices .... whether there is any utility in attempting, by means of comparative methods, ...

[oo-grik, yoo-]
a branch of the Uralic family of languages, consisting of Hungarian and two languages, Khanty and Mansi, spoken in western Siberia.
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