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Venus is the second planet from the Sun, orbiting it every 224.7 Earth days. It has the longest ..... Venus orbits the Sun at an average distance of about 0.72 AU ( 108,000,000 km; 67,000,000 mi), an...

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The average distance of Venus from the Sun is 67,237,910 miles or 108,208,930 km. Since Venus travels in an elliptical orbit around the Sun, its distance from ...

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108 million km is the average distance it is from the Sun. To be ... Venus is frequently referred to as Earth's sister planet because of its similar size, gravity, and ...

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Jul 26, 2016 ... ... the Sun. They orbit the star in ellipses, which means their distance to the sun v. ... Closest to Venus from Earth: 40 million km / 25 million miles.

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The planets that orbit the sun are (in order from the sun): Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, ... Planet (or Dwarf Planet), Distance from the Sun

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Data. Mean distance from Sun: 0.387 AU = 5.79x10<sup>7</sup> km. Maximum distance from Sun: ... -4.4. Mean diameter of Sun from Venus. 44'15". Mercury. Venus. Earth ...

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Venus is approximately 67.2 million miles from the sun. The distance between Venus and the sun varies depending on Venus' location in its orbit; it can be ...

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Transits of Venus have long been useful to scientific research. In the 1700s, they helped us determine our distance to the Sun and gave us the first clue that ...

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... the Sun. Venus distance from the Sun and orbital eccentricity ... The planet's orbit around the Sun takes 225 Earth days, compared to the Earth's 365. A day on  ...

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... astronomical units. 1 AU is the distance from the Sun to Earth, which is 149,600,000 km. ... Mercury, Venus, 0.34, 50,290,000, 31,248,757. Mercury, Earth, 0.61 ...

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Nov 16, 2012 ... On average, the distance to Venus from the sun is 67 million miles (108 million km). At its closest (perihelion), it is only 66.7 million miles away ...

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Planetary Data Distance Table ... Distance (from Sun), Diameter.

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Distance from Earth: At its closest, Venus is 26 million miles (41,840,000 km) away; Mean Distance from Sun: 67.24 million miles (108.2 million km); Satellites: 0 ...