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Wind turns the blades of a turbine, which in turn spin a shaft that is connected to a generator. This produces kinetic energy, which the generator uses to produce electricity.

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A wind farm is a group of wind turbines in the same location used for production of electric power. A large wind farm may consist of ...

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Basic information on wind energy and wind power technology, resources, and issues of concern.

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Wind energy is now the second fastest-growing source of electricity in the world, with a global installed capacity of 432,883 megawatts (MW) at the end of 2015.

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Definition of wind power; The three major types of wind power; How wind turbines work; Windmills vs. Wind Turbines; What is a wind farm? How wind energy ...

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Wind energy is a form of solar energy. Wind energy (or wind power) describes the process by which wind is used to generate electricity. Wind turbines convert ...

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What is Wind Energy What is Hydro Energy · What is Geothermal Energy · What is Solar Energy What is ocean energy saving energy · More Energy Information.

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Wind power involves converting wind energy into electricity by using wind turbines. A wind turbine is composed of 3 propellers-like blades called a rotor.

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Wind energy is a form of renewable energy produced through machines that use wind as their power source. Wind energy is only possible because of the...

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Wind energy facilities convert energy from the motion of wind into electricity that is sent to energy consumers via electric transmission systems.