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Baby fish are initially called larvae, then fry and finally fingerlings before they mature into adult fish. Larvae are totally dependent on their yolk sac, while fry are able to fe...

A baby Fish is called a fry or fingerling.

Juvenile fish


This young Chinook salmon, with scales and working fins, is a fingerling but ... Parr – At the end of the summer the fry develop into juvenile fish called parr.

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... have strange names. Baby sharks are called pups, baby kangaroos are called joeys. ... Fish, -, -, fry, fingerling, draft, run, school, shoal. -, Finch, cock, hen ...

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What is your favorite baby animal called? Cub, kitten, pup, calf or chick, ZooBorns delivers the ultimate list of baby animal names, which we ... Fish, fry, fingerling.

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Feb 11, 2013 ... We know that infant chickens are called chicks and baby ducks are called ... The names for baby fish are memorable for their irony: fry, ...

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A baby fish that has hatched from its egg is called a fry. Baby fish are almost transparent and look much alike despite the appearance and size of the parent fish.

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May 9, 2011 ... We're frequently asked whether there is a word for a specific baby animal ... elephant, calf. elk, calf. ferret, kit. fish, fry. fox, cub / kit. frog, tadpole.

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I am a baby elephant. What am I called? a) Cub b) Kid c) Calf d) lamb. 8. I am a baby fish. What am I called? a) Chick b) Pup c) Fry d) Tadpole. 9. I am a baby ...

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Aug 12, 2015 ... I have a female molly in my fish tank which regularly gives babies. What do I do ... Baby Names: What's it like being called Hazel? Fish: How do ...

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Q: What is a baby fish called?
A: Frye, sometimes but it depends on the type of fish. Read More »
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Q: What's a baby fish called.
A: A baby fish is known as a fingerling, which means a small fish especially up to one year of age. They can also be called a "fry"! report this answer. Updated on... Read More »
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Q: What is the baby fish called?
A: A Baby Fish is called a Fry, a fingerling, or a guppy. Read More »
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Q: What is the baby fish called?
A: Young fish are commonly referred to as Fry. or A young fish is called a fingerling as well. Fish eggs are called roe, and baby fish are called fry. (Fish eggs t... Read More »
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Q: What is a fish fry and what is a baby fish called?
A: A baby fish is a fry (the plural is also fry, not "fries" If you want to sound really advanced, when small fish first hatch from their eggs, they are larvae or ... Read More »
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