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Calcium channel blockers, used in controlling blood pressure, sometimes cause side effects ranging from irregular heartbeat to swelling of the lower extremities. According to Mayo ...

Calcium channel blocker


Calcium channel blockers (CCB), calcium channel antagonists or calcium antagonists are several medications that disrupt the movement of calcium (Ca2+ ) ...

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Calcium channel blockers, or calcium antagonists, treat a variety of conditions, such as high blood pressure, migraines and Raynaud's disease. Find out more ...

Calcium Channel Blockers and Heart Disease - WebMD


WebMD explains how calcium channel blocker drugs can increase the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart.

Definition of Calcium Channel Blockers. More »
By Sharon Gillson, About.com Guide

Calcium Channel Blockers (CCBs) - RxList


Learn about calcium channel blockers (CCBs) a class of drugs used to treat high blood pressure, angina, abnormal heart rhythms, migraines, pulmonary ...

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Sep 21, 2015 ... Establishes the medication calcium channel blockers (CCBs), for example, amlodipine (Norvasc) and combinations of amlodipine, vidipine ...

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Calcium channel blockers are medicines used to control high blood pressure, chest pain, and irregular heartbeats.

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Calcium Channel Blockers (CCBs) are used by millions of Americans to treat high blood pressure, angina, and certain heart rhythm abnormalities. The monthly ...

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Calcium channel blocker medications reduce blood pressure by helping blood vessels to relax. They also control the speed at which calcium moves into heart ...

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Q: What is a calcium channel blocker?
A: Hi Cherry, This is not calcium as you know it–in pills. It is an electrloyte that controls the pliability of the arterial walls. Taking calcium pills has no eff... Read More »
Source: en.allexperts.com
Q: What is calcium channel blocker?
A: 1. (Medicine) any drug that prevents the influx of calcium ions into cardiac and smooth muscle: used to treat high blood pressure and angina. Also called: calci... Read More »
Source: www.thefreedictionary.com
Q: For What Conditions Are Calcium Channel Blockers Prescribed?
A: Below are heart conditions that calcium channel blockers might be prescribed for: High blood pressure (especially in African Americans) Coronary artery disease ... Read More »
Source: www.webmd.com
Q: For What Conditions Are Calcium Channel Blockers Prescribed?
A: Below are heart conditions that calcium channel blockers might be prescribed for: Coronary artery disease Coronary spasm Angina ( chest pain Abnormal heart rhyt... Read More »
Source: www.webmd.com
Q: What Are Calcium Channel Blockers?
A: Function The function of calcium channel blockers is to help dilate and relax the blood vessels, which allows for easier blood flow. This reduces the overall lo... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com