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A consumer is a person or organization that uses economic services or commodities. In economic systems consumers are utilities expressed in the decision to ...

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Definition of consumer: An individual who buys products or services for personal use and not for manufacture or resale. A consumer is someone who can...

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Parts of the Food Chain (Producers/Consumers...) Producers. Plants are called producers. This is because they produce their own food! They do this by using ...

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Definition of consumer: A purchaser of a good or service in retail.

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Consumer definition, a person or thing that consumes. See more.

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Jul 10, 2013 ... A consumer is a key figure in the market and all activities are carried on ... Consumers now depend on a complex industrial system to satisfy ...

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A consumer is a person (or group) who pays to consume the goods and/or services produced by a seller (i.e., company, organization).

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Consumers are organisms that receive all their energy by consuming other types of organisms or organic matter. Generally consumers prey on other organisms ...

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A consumer in science refers to an organism, typically an animal, that feeds on other animals or plants. The consumer is part of the food chain and is studied in ...

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The phrase "consumer group" can actually have a couple of common uses. In marketing, it is a group of household customers with shared traits that a company  ...

a person or thing that consumes.
Economics. a person or organization that uses a commodity or service.
Ecology. an organism, usually an animal, that feeds on plants or other animals.
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consumer | Define consumer at Dictionary.com
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