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How to flag an email message on iPhone and iPad | iMore


Dec 30, 2012 ... Flagged messages are easy to spot, thanks to an icon, and even easier to find, thanks to a dedicated smart mailbox that keeps them all handy.

Flagging E-Mail Messages in Outlook - dummies


If you can't respond to an important e-mail right away, you can flag that message as soon as you read it. Then, you'll be sure to get back to it. You can also plant ...

Mail (Yosemite): Flag messages - Apple Support


Jul 17, 2015 ... An easy way to keep track of messages is to mark them with a flag. When you do, a mailbox for the flag appears in the Favorites bar and ...

How to Flag a Message for Follow-Up in Yahoo! Mail - LifeWire


Aug 23, 2016 ... While marking to-do messages unread works, a dedicated, more elegant and generally better way to flag emails for follow-up exists. Message ...

What is flag message in yahoo mail.? | Yahoo Answers


It just puts a flag next to that message. It's used for you can easily find that message later on. ... it has to be your own option of which email you ...

Find flagged messages - Outlook - Office Support


Flagging messages to keep track of them is only part of the task. You need to be able to quickly find the messages so that you can act on them.

Track e-mail messages that require follow up - Outlook - Office Support


To simultaneously flag a message both for yourself and ...

Flag an item for follow up - Outlook - Office Support


Flags create a visible reminder that an action is due. When a message is flagged, a flag appears for that ...

Track email messages that require follow up - Outlook - Office Support


To flag a new message both for you and the ... To send a flag without a reminder alert, ...

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Q: Always display flagged messages in mutt - Stack Overflow
A: Jul 2, 2013 ... The problem is that I tend to forget that I have such important messages, and so, never run the macro which makes flagged messages appear ... Read More »
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Q: Outlook - Flagged messages via Office 365 REST API? - Stack ...
A: UPDATE: There is now a Flag property on Message on the /beta endpoint. This is the recommended way to do this. I'll leave the other information ... Read More »
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Q: What is the orange dot on the iPhone email? - Quora
A: The orange dot shows that an email has been flagged for follow up. It synchronizes between ... It is possible that your desktop Gmail application has set cert... Read More »
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Q: Gmail api - How to check if message is flagged as "important...
A: Based on saying "message flags" I assume you're using Gmail IMAP now? The Gmail API does expose the common Gmail labels on a message (like .... Read More »
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Q: Email - Apple script: Change flag for message which match criteri...
A: The flag index defines the color of the flag. To make the flag active or not, you must use the Flagged Status. Here is an example with read flag, and ... Read More »
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