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Signal-to-noise ratio


Signal-to-noise ratio (abbreviated SNR or S/N) is a measure used in science and engineering that compares the level of a desired signal to the level of ...

What cable modem signal levels are considered good ? :: SG FAQ


Cable modems often have a diagnostics web page that can help view the cable signal details (signal strength, upstream/downstream power levels, SNR, etc.).

Signal To Noise Ratio - Basic Car Audio Electronics


This page of the bcae1.com site explains signal to noise ratios. ... A piece of electronic equipment with a S/N ratio of 80dB may be good enough for all but the  ...

What is the Signal-to-Noise Ratio and why is it important? | NetSpot ...


The signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) compares the level of the Wi-FI signal to the ... 16 -24dB (decibels) is usually considered poor; 25-40dB is good and a ratio of ...

signal-to-noise ratio, what is best? - VideoHelp Forum


Is having the SNR increased good? Or is decreased better? I'm looking at a review of a product. It said the new one has an increased SNR.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) - Cisco Meraki Documentation


Jul 24, 2015 ... For instance, a received signal of -65 dBm can be considered good at location that has a noise floor of -90 dBm (SNR 25 dB) but not so much at ...

Wi-Fi: Define Minimum SNR Values for Signal Coverage


May 16, 2008 ... Learn how to assess signal-to-noise ratio to define effective range boundaries. ... 25dB to 40dB SNR = Very good signal (3 - 4 bars); always ...

SNR Cutoff Recommendations - Wi-Fi Planet


Feb 4, 2005 ... For example, a signal level of -53dBm measured near an access point and typical noise level of -90dBm yields a SNR of 37dB, a healthy value ...

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May 22, 2005 ... What does it mean saying that the SNR of an audio system is 97dB? ... signal to noise ratio, you are talking about a ratio of the good signal to ...

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Signal-to-noise ratio is a term that refers to the measurement of the level of an audio signal as compared to the level of noise that is present in that signal.

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Q: What is a good signal to noise ratio for an amp?
A: 103 to 1 DB would be an incredible signal to noise ratio, most good amps are in the 89 to 92 db range.I have never heard of one that high. Read More »
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Q: What Is a Good Signal-to-Noise Ratio for a Cable Modem?
A: Most cable modems require a signal-to-noise ratio of at least 30 dB. For Internet connections, the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) measures the strength of the sign... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com
Q: What is Signal to Noise Ratio?
A: What is Signal to Noise Ratio? Answer: Signal to noise ratio is a specification that measures the level of the audio signal compared to the level of noise prese... Read More »
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Q: What is signal-to-noise ratio?
A: ( ′sig·nəl tə ′nöiz ′rā·shō ) (electronics) The ratio of the amplitude of a desired signal at any point to the amplitude of noise signals at that same point; of... Read More »
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Q: What do engineers use the signal to noise ratio for?
A: Signal to noise ratio is a measure of signal strength to the background noise. Engineers use the signal to noise ratio to improve digital signal processing. Read More »
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