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In chemistry, a group is a column of elements in the periodic table of the chemical elements. There are 18 numbered groups in the periodic table, but the f-block ...

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What is a group in the periodic table, and what do elements in a group have in common?

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What is a group in the periodic table, and what do elements in a group have in common?

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As with any grid, the periodic table has rows (left to right) and columns (up ... The elements in each group have the same number of electrons in the outer orbital.

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The group number is an identifier used to describe the column of the ... Main group elements in the first two rows of the table are called typical elements. The first ...

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Groups of Elements - This is an interactive periodic table of the elements.

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A secondary school revision resource for Edexcel GCSE Additional Science about the green world, farming, energy flow, decay, photosynthesis and recycling .

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How is the periodic table like the map you used on your last road trip? In this lesson, you will be introduced to the periodic table, the road map...

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When you look at the periodic table, it is very apparent that the elements have been organized into some kind of order, in rows and columns. The first and most  ...

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Elements in the same group in the periodic table have similar chemical properties. This is because their atoms have the same number of electrons in the highest ...

What Is a Group on the Periodic Table?
The periodic table is an organized, methodical way of understanding inter-relationships between different elements; a group on the periodic table is a column of elements.... More »
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