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Linear inequality


In mathematics a linear inequality is an inequality which involves a linear function . A linear inequality contains one of the symbols of inequality: < is less than; > ...

What is a Linear Inequality? | Virtual Nerd


Note: A linear inequality is almost the same as a linear equation, except the equals sign is replaced with an inequality symbol. You'll find that a little more effort is ...

Linear inequalities in two variables (Algebra 1, Linear inequalitites ...


The solution of a linear inequality in two variables like Ax + By > C is an ordered pair (x, y) that produces a true statement when the values of x and y are ...

Solving linear inequalities (Algebra 1, Linear inequalitites ...


The graph of a linear inequality in one variable is a number line. Use an open circle ... All the properties below are also true for inequalities involving ≥ and ≤.

Intro to graphing two-variable inequalities | Graphing linear ...


Learn how to graph two-variable linear inequalities like y≤4x+3.

Two-variable linear inequalities | Algebra I | Khan Academy


Learn how to check possible solutions of two-variable linear inequalities. For example, is (2, 0) a solution to y>x+1? In this tutorial, we also check solutions to ...

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A Linear Inequality involves a linear expression..Complete information about the linear inequality, definition of an linear inequality, examples of an linear ...

Linear equations and inequalities | Algebra basics | Khan Academy


Linear equation word problems. Solving fancier linear equations. Linear inequalities. Ratios and proportions. Direct and inverse variation. We will now equate ...

Graphing Linear Inequalities - Math is Fun


This is a graph of a linear inequality: The inequality y ≤ x + 2. You can see the y = x + 2 line, and the shaded area is where y is less than or equal to x + 2 ...

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Apr 15, 2008 ... Solving Linear Inequalities - Examples are shown of how to solve linear inequalities. For more free math videos, visit http://PatrickJMT.com.
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Solving Linear Inequalities: Introduction and Formatting - Purplemath


Demonstrates how to solve linear inequalities step-by-step; shows four different solution formats.

Graphing Linear Inequalities - Purplemath


Demonstrates, step-by-step and with illustrations, how to graph linear (two- variable) inequalities such as 'y < 3x + 2'.

Algebra - Linear Inequalities


To this point in this chapter we've concentrated on solving equations. It is now time to switch gears a little and start thinking about solving inequalities. Before we ...