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Horses exhibit a diverse array of coat colors and distinctive markings. A specialized vocabulary ... Bay: Body color ranges from a light reddish-brown to very dark brown with "black points"...

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Bay: Coat color - deep reddish brown with black mane and tail. Black: A ... Many brown horses are mistakenly called black, because they are so dark. A close ...

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Jul 23, 2013 ... All of the dun colors, Red dun, Bay dun, Brown dun and Black Dun ... However, this is called countershading and is not the result of Dun. Telling ...

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A bay horse has a body color of various shades of red or reddish brown. Bay horses have a ... If the mane and tail are noticeably lighter, they are called "flaxen .".

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BAY A bay horse can be any shade of brown (which is a mixture of red and yellow), ... Lighter colored horses are called sorrel; very dark chestnut is called " liver ...

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Introduction to Horse coat colors, the most popular equine colors, horse color genetics, and the ... If a horse is a dark, reddish brown, it is called a blood bay.

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Bay – Bronze brown coat with black mane, tail and forelock. ... This colour of coat varies from pale golden to the colour of roast chestnuts to a rich, red brown. .... But in horse language only albino horses and Lipizzaners can be called white.

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Bay: Body color ranges from reddish-brown to washed-out yellow, with or ..... ( Example: "A Paint Horse called Impressive Spot won the Hunter Classic at last ...

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Dec 18, 2013 ... A sorrel horse is one that has a completely red base color and the possibility ... to describe horses that have a reddish or reddish-brown appearance. ... tails and across their bellies, a pattern more accurately called “rabicano.

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red. five basic horse coat colors and the five variations to these colors. These descriptions ... Many brown horses are mistakenly called black, because they are  ...

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Have you ever seen a horse that looked pretty, but you didn't know the color of the horse? ... Very dark chestnuts are called liver chestnuts. ... Liver chestnut: They are a dark chestnut red-brown colour, appearing to have black in their coat - but ...

Pictorial Guide to Horse Colors Part 1: Chestnut, Bay, Brown, and ...


Jul 12, 2013 ... A chestnut is a red(ish) horse with no black pigment. Chestnuts vary ... A pale Chestnut the light mane and tail on this horse is called "Flaxen".

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The gene dilutes the body color to brown while leaving the points (mane, tail, and lower ... Chestnut becomes a sandy color with reddish points called red dun or ...