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In chemistry, a suspension is a heterogeneous mixture containing solid particles that are sufficiently large for sedimentation. Usually they must be larger than ...

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A suspension is a heterogeneous mixture in which solute-like particles settle out of a solvent-like phase some time after their introduction. We apply the word ...

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Suspension is when particles of solid material are held within a fluid. The particles are large enough to not dissolve in the fluid, and they separate easily when ...

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Have you ever seen dust particles floating in a stream of sunlight? The dust you see in the air is an example of suspension. Discover this...

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A solution is a mixture featuring solutes that have been dissolved, while a suspension is a mixture of liquids also containing solid particles that may not ...

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The difference between mixtures, solutions and suspensions.

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The difference between a solution and a suspension is in the particle sizes involved. A solution is a mixture of ions or molecules (very, very small). Solutions are ...

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A chemical suspension consists of particles in a fluid that can eventually separate . Here are 5 examples of suspensions.

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Learn how to distiguish between solutions, suspensions, colloids, and dispersions. Get examples of the different types of mixtures.

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SUSPENSIONS. A suspension is a heterogeneous mixture of a liquid and a solid. The solid usually does not dissolve, and can be very visible to the eye.

the act of suspending.
the state of being suspended.
temporary abrogation or withholding, as of a law, privilege, decision, belief, etc.
stoppage of payment of debts or claims because of financial inability or insolvency.
Physical Chemistry. a system consisting of small particles kept dispersed by agitation (mechanical suspension) or by the molecular motion in the surrounding medium (colloidal suspension)
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