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Mesa (Spanish for table) is the American English term for tableland, an elevated area of land ... Examples are also found in many other nations including Spain, Sardinia, North and South Africa, Arabia, India, and Australia. Grand Mesa is a ...


Mesa is a Spanish word that means table. Spanish explorers of the American southwest, where many mesas are found, used the word because the tops of ...


The definition of a mesa is a flat piece of land with steep sides, or a city in Arizona . An example of a mesa is a flat plateau that is elevated and looks like a table.


Define mesa: an isolated relatively flat-topped natural elevation usually more extensive than a butte and less extensive than a ... Examples: mesa in a Sentence.


How to use mesa in a sentence. Example sentences with the word mesa. mesa example sentences.


Tucumarai Mountain in Tucumcari, New Mexico and Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. A mesa is a flat-topped mountain.


Contemporary Examples. The opposition alliance, mesa de la Unidad, has put forward an aggressive plan to defend the votes. Could Hugo Chávez Really Lose  ...


Mesa is a Python framework for agent-based modeling. ... tutorial describes in the examples/Tutorial-Boltzmann_Wealth_Model directory of the Mesa repository.


Mesa. Plateaus were further carved into smaller units, called mesas, which is Spanish for tables. ... a good example of a butte and now stands apart from its.