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... the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. An obtuse angle. An obtuse angle is a form of angle that measures wider than 90° and less than 180°.

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An Obtuse Angle is more than 90° but less than 180°. Obtuse Angle This is an obtuse angle ! All the angles below are obtuse angles: Obtuse Angles ...

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An obtuse angle is one which is more than 90° but less than 180° In other words, it is between a right angle and a straight angle. © 2015 MathsIsFun.com v0.86.

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Learn how to draw acute, right, and obtuse angles with given points.

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Obtuse angles are seen on most house rooftops, as the two roof surfaces slope down from it. Other real world examples of an obtuse angle include the angle ...

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Obtuse angle definition, an angle greater than 90° but less than 180°. See more.

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Obtuse angle is an angle lies in 2nd quadrant. The value of an angle varies between a right angle(90 degrees) and a straight angle(180 degrees). 57 degrees ...

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Note: Did you know that there are different kinds of angles? Knowing how to identify these angles is an important part of solving many problems involving angles ...

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An obtuse triangle is a triangle in which one of the angles is an obtuse angle. ( Obviously, only a single angle in a triangle can be obtuse or it wouldn't be a ...

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Oo. obtuse angle. • any angle between 90º and 180º. EXAMPLE: 140º obtuse angle. Home, Top, Contact. © Jenny Eather 2014. All rights reserved.

An obtuse angle is an angle that measures greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees.
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Angles. An angle measures the amount of turn ... Obtuse Angle, an angle that is greater than 90° but ... Also: Acute, Obtuse and Reflex are in alphabetical order.

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In this lesson, you'll learn what angles, right angles, and obtuse angles are; and you'll see a few examples of different obtuse angles. Then test...

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Definition of an obtuse angle. An angle between (but not including) 90 deg and 180 deg.