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Operating system


An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.

Computer Basics: Understanding Operating Systems


An operating system is the most important software that runs on a computer. It manages the computer's memory, processes, and all of its software and hardware.

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What is an operating system? An operating system (sometimes abbreviated as " OS") is the program that, after being initially loaded into the computer by a boot ...

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computers : the main program in a computer that controls the way the computer works and makes it possible for other programs to function. Source: ...

What is an operating system (OS)? definition and meaning


Definition of operating system (OS): Master control program (such as DOS, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, Unix, and Windows) that automatically runs first when a ...

Which Windows operating system am I running? - Windows Help


Learn which Windows operating system that a PC is running.

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An operating System (OS) is an intermediary between users and computer hardware. It provides users an environment in which a user can execute programs ...

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Mar 9, 2012 ... http://www.gcflearnfree.org/computerbasics An operating system is the most important software that runs on a computer. It manages the ...

Operating System Tutorial


Operating System Tutorial for Beginners - Learning operating system concepts in simple and easy steps : A beginner's tutorial containing complete knowledge ...

What's my OS? What is my OS?


Help finding out what Operating System your running. How to find your Operating System version. Finding out if your OS is 32-bit or 64-bit. What version of ...

An Operating System is the fundamental program on computers that make them run. They perform basic tasks like recognizing keystrokes from a keyboard, displaying images on the screen, and controlling peripheral devices.
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What is Operating System (OS)? Webopedia Definition


The operating system is the most important program that runs on a computer. Every general-purpose computer must have an operating system to run other ...

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Operating system definition, the collection of software that directs a computer's operations, controlling and scheduling the execution of other programs, and ...

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Computer dictionary definition for what OS (Operating system) means including related links, information, and terms.