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See also: Écriture féminine, List of American feminist literature, List ... Much of the early period of feminist literary ...

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The American Literary Canon comprises of literary classics which reflect American society and written by prominent American authors. It may not be possible for ...

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Though not related to field artillery, pieces in the 'literary canon' have made quite ... Many members of the American academic community in the 1980's revolted ...

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You can only decide what belongs in the American canon by thinking about the nature of the American identity ... The Concept of Literary Canon: An Overview--.

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paper, I will attempt to outline the history of the American literary canon and ... The first thing that might surprise us about the history of American literary canon is.

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In American literature, a canon refers to a collection of published works that scholars consider to be most influential in the country's culture. The term often ...

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he American Heritage Dictionary has eleven separate definitions of the term ... of the Bible officially recognized by the Church," and the idea of a literary canon ...

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The American literary canon, or the books deemed important enough to teach in schools and survive over generations, is a fraught subject. The United States is ...

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Apr 25, 2013 ... “According to the scholar, Paul Lauter, who historicized the American canon, the first American literature classes started in the mid-to-late ...

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Literature is just as subjective a creative pursuit as any other. ... alcohol flowing like the Rio Grande are an essential component of the American literary canon, ...

What Is the American Literary Canon?
The American literary canon, or the books deemed important enough to teach in schools and survive over generations, is a fraught subject. The United States is home to so many cultures that it is impossible to encapsulate the best work without leaving out... More »
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