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Knights and Knaves is a type of logic puzzle where some characters can only answer questions ... "John and Bill are standing at a fork in the road. John is ...

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Famous puzzle about a fork in the road guarded by two people one who always tells the truth and one who always lies. By asking them, how do you get where ...

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You stand at a fork in the road. Next to each of the two forks, there stands a guard . You know the following things: ... you take the path to paradise? Show Answer ...

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The Fork in the Road - Answer. The logician points to one of the roads and says to the native, "If I were to ask if this road leads to the village, would you say 'yes'?  ...

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If you think you're a ... try these riddles! ... You stand at a fork in the road. ... The father answers that the product of their ages is 36 and, pointing to his car, adds ...

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You are walking down a road and arrive at a fork that splits the road into two separate ... Probably a question that asks one twin about the other twin's answer.

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A traveller comes to a fork in the road which leads to two villages. In one village the ... From the villager's answer, he knows which road to follow. What did the ...

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A man is walking down a road. ... Einstein's Riddle ... He arrives at a fork in the road, down one road is the village of truth tellers, ... Now see the answer below:.

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We have came to the fork in the road, with only two available paths to be ... So, what one question could you answer either of the guards that ...

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May 11, 2015 ... The travelers come to a fork in the road. Unfortunately, the woods ... But, as you may note, the apparition never said he had to answer truthfully.