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The Best and the Worst Time of the Year to Buy a New Car | The ...


Mar 15, 2016 ... Car-buying experts say you can typically save some money by buying a new vehicle at a specific time of the year, month, time of day or even ...

Buying a New Car: When's the Best Time? - Autotrader


In order to get the best-possible price on your next car, you'll want to buy it at the right ... For example, buying a car at the end of a day can sometimes yield better ... Of course, buying at the end of the month is also always a good idea, as car ...

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car? - CARFAX Blog


Nov 15, 2015 ... However, that usually isn't the case unless it's the end of the month and ... Monday may be the best day of the week to buy a car as most of the ...

5 best times to buy a new car | Fox News


Sep 22, 2016 ... Of all the days of the month, traditionally the last five are when dealers ... "When it comes down to it, the best time to buy a car is when you really ...

Best and Worst Days to Buy a Used Car - When to Buy a Used Auto


Apr 28, 2016 ... These Are the Best and Worst Times to Buy a Used Car ... which sees 8.5 percent more deals on average, and the last day of month is still good ...

Check Out This Revolutionary Car Buying Advice—Then Disregard ...


Aug 20, 2014 ... If you've ever read an article on the best time to buy a car, you'll ... Buy around the last day of the month — dealers have monthly sales quotas

The 5 Worst New Car-Buying Mistakes | My Money | US News


Apr 16, 2014 ... Buying a car may be one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make, ... If you really want to get the best price on your vehicle purchase and drive ... It's also a good idea to time your visit closer to the end of the day when ... very affordable and may break down the financials to a monthly payment.

Best time to buy a new car may be just around the corner ...


Sep 1, 2015 ... The time around Labor Day seems to be the sweet spot for bargain ... Some had expected lackluster sales last month due to the lateness of Labor Day this ... Experts are quick to say that the best time to buy a car is when you ...

When's the best time to buy a car? - TODAY.com


Jun 9, 2015 ... Actually, there are three "best times" to buy a new car. ... so dealers start offering bigger deals the month before to get the lots cleared. 2.

Nailing Down the Best Deal When Buying a Car - dummies


In the good ol' days, the best time to buy a vehicle was in early autumn when ... the sales staff at many dealerships gets antsy about making their monthly quotas. ... to negotiate and will buy the car that day only if you get a satisfactory deal.

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Best and Worst Times to Buy a New Car? | USAA


Sep 8, 2016 ... You're ready to buy a new car. Pick the right time of day, week and month to buy a car at the best time.

What is the Best Day to Purchase a Car?.html - Scambusters.org


Finally -- The Truth About What Day (and Month) Are the Best Times to ... time someone asked me this question, “What is the best day or month to buy a car?

Best Day of the Week to Buy a New Car - CarBuyingTips.com


Dec 21, 2015 ... Analysis of the day of the week with the biggest discount off of MSRP when buying a new car.