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Monogram Etiquette from the Monogram Merchant


It is also correct to put a gentleman's surname initial in the middle. ... will become more appropriate to move to the first, middle, last initial order for his monogram.

Monogram Rules: Discover Proper Monogram Etiquette - Craftsy


Jun 11, 2014 ... But, what is proper monogram etiquette exactly? Which initial goes first? How do different size letters effect the order of the initials? What is ...

Monogramming Initials Guide – How to Monogram ...


Love our monogram necklace but not sure what initials to use or what order to put ... Now that you know all about proper monogram etiquette, shop some of our ...

A Crash Course In Monogramming Etiquette | WhoWhatWear


Jun 24, 2013 ... “There are no formal guides for proper etiquette with one-letter monograms. Either the initial of the first or last name is selected. This monogram ...

Monogram Etiquette – Married Couples | Etiquette School of Ohio


Apr 9, 2009 ... A single initial monogram for a married couple is the first initial of the ... oldests first name initial go in the middle or would it go in birth order?

monogram rules Archives - Southern Weddings


Apr 15, 2014 ... A married, or joint, monogram features the initial of the wife's first name ... Most etiquette books now suggest the order we have here, but in the ...

Monogramming Etiquette - The Preppy Pink Pony


Monograms were used by artists in the Middle Ages to sign artwork. ... please contact us before placing your order and we can guide you in the correct direction.

The Zhush: Monogram Etiquette


Feb 18, 2014 ... One of the most frequently asked questions we get over at zhush.com concerns the correct order in which to place the letters of a monogram.

Southern Etiquette :: Monograms + Middle Names - Southern ...


Sep 21, 2010 ... “Always use the woman's monogram,” sayd Phoebe. “Period. End of story. People ask me about this all the time, and I don't think it's proper to ...

Monogram Etiquette From Emma J Design - Southern Weddings


Sep 19, 2012 ... Around these parts, it's been said that if it stops moving, I'll monogram it. To be honest, that couldn't be more true. Growing up, my initials were ...

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Monogram Guide & Monogram Etiquette | Mark and Graham | Mark ...


Our monogram etiquette guide offers guidance for traditional, not so traditional, and irreverent monograms. ... middle, and last name—and much has been written about proper monogram etiquette. .... Do you want 15% off your first order ? Yes!

Monograms 101 | Cottage Colony


An illustrated guide to monogramming etiquette, choosing a monogram style, using the right initials in the correct order, monogrammed gift ideas, and more.

Monograms 101: How to Monogram - The Knot


Learn everything you need to know about monogramming including monogram letter order, etiquette and wedding monogram ideas.