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Ecclesiastical address

Ecclesiastical addresses are the formal styles of address used for members of the clergy. ... The form of address and style is different, however, for bishops and ...

Catholic Bishop

Are there more and less formal forms of correct address? ~ Barbara ... In conversation it's correct to call the bishop Bishop (Surname). A Roman Catholic bishop ...

How to Address Church Officials

A proper etiquette does exist for how we address our Church leaders. ... Both an Archbishop and a Bishop would be greeted as "Your Excellency" or "Your ...

How do I address a bishop? - Catholic Answers Forums

Sep 14, 2004 ... Are there more and less formal forms of correct address and when is each ... In spoken conversation, you would call your bishop "Bishop (last ...

How to Address Catholic Clergy: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Address a religious Priest: During a formal introduction, a religious Priest should ... an Archbishop should be introduced in the same way listed above for a Bishop. .... Familiarity is not proper with any clergyman unless you are a relative, and ...

Addressing the Clergy - The Church of England

Whereas formerly a bishop would have been addressed as 'My Lord' and a dean ... There is, however, a correct way to address clergy on an envelope, which is ...

How to Address Church Officials, Bishops, Priests - Adoremus

We have received repeated inquiries about the proper form of address for bishops and clergy. The proper ecclesiastical forms of address for both writing and ...


It is perfectly correct for those who are not Catholics to change the conclusion to something ... Addressing a letter: Most Reverend N______N _____,Archbishop

How do you address a Bishop - +Catholic Ponderings+ - Blogger

Mar 5, 2009 ... Ann recently asked me how to address our Bishop while we were .... York wrote a clever verse that made its way behind These Stone Walls.

Roman Catholic Bishop, Roman Catholic, Religion, Professions ...

Roman Catholic bishops are addressed in speech within their community as 'My Lord' or 'Your Excellency', and are ... How to Address a Roman Catholic Bishop.

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