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A prologue or prolog is an opening to a story that establishes the setting and gives background details, often some earlier story that ties into the main one, and other miscellaneous information. Th...

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Prologue definition, a preliminary discourse; a preface or introductory part of a discourse, poem, or novel. See more.

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prologue definition, meaning, what is prologue: a part that comes at the beginning of a play, story, or long poem, often giving…. Learn more.

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an introduction to a book, play, etc. Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary. Examples: prologue in a sentence. Editor's note: Did You Know?

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Define prologue. prologue synonyms, prologue pronunciation, prologue translation, English dictionary definition of prologue. also pro·log n. 1. An introduction or ...

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Definition, Usage and a list of Prologue Examples in common speech and literature. The prologue, Greek prologos (meaning: before word), is an opening of a ...

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Prologue Definition and meaning from Bible Dictionary. PROLOGUE pro'-log, prol'-og (prologos, 'foreword,' 'preface,' 'introduction'): The word occurs in the ...

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Dec 28, 2015 ... What is the meaning of the word PROLOGUE? Prologue definition and how to spell prologue.

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a separate introductory section of a literary, dramatic, ... Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.

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Let's face it: some prologues shouldn't be there at all. Does your novel need a prologue or not? And if it does... how do you write one?

[proh-lawg, -log]
a preliminary discourse; a preface or introductory part of a discourse, poem, or novel.
an introductory speech, often in verse, calling attention to the theme of a play.
the actor or actress who delivers this.
an introductory scene, preceding the first act of a play, opera, etc.
any introductory proceeding, event, etc.: Appetizing delicacies were the prologue to a long dinner.
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prologue | Define prologue at Dictionary.com
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